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The Paleo Diet is created by Dr. Lauren Kordeyn, the teacher in the Faculty of Health and Physical exercises at California University. He says about the diet, “In fact I only rewrote the menu of our ancestors, including products for which we are created by nature.”

And in the first place it is different lean meats and fish. Why lean? Because our ancestors had found them in the wild nature, the animals hadn’t been  fed artificially and full of fat. I add some fresh fruits and vegetables. I took all refined carbohydrates off and my tasty and easily for following offer for weight loss was accepted with pleasure.

At  the first sight the diet is regular, low in  carbohydrates. But it is not exactly in such a way. It is proved by the detailed tables of Dr. Kordeyn. In his program the carbohydrates are from 22 to 44 % (between 4 and 22 % in the rest of similar diets.) The difference is due to the fruits and vegetables which he offers hotly. That’s why vegetal fibers, providing good digestion and activating metabolism, are more in many times than in other programs. There is a great difference in fats , the problem is in bigger  amount of protein diets. Because Dr.Kordeyn avoids fatty meats as pork and lamb, the percentage is in the frame of healthy norm from 28-40 % of the whole value of the day menu.

The book of Dr.Kordeyn “The Paleo Diet” is a direction for healthy nutrition. The author describes in details the use of different products included in his program. Thus, his readers understand why they must limit one or another favorite dish. And to refuse it is very easily.

How long does each level of the Paleo Diet go on?

Each level goes on 2 weeks.

In order the diet to be without problems, he gives detailed two-week menus for all three levels of the program. He adds the recipes of dishes with useful food.”If you follow my recommendations, I promise that you lose 77 lb. for 6 months –says Dr.Kordeyn. -Is your problem less? Then you mustn’t worry. You won’t need to pass all the levels of the  Paleo Diet.”

The choice of food

Allowed food

Meat: Eat how much you want for breakfast, lunch and dinner but only lean meat. Prepare it in a simple way: boil, roast, stew and then –squeeze the rest of fat. Fry in small amounts in hot olive oil. Pork and lamb are in the least amount, choose more veal, chicken and turkey.

Fish and seafood : all seafood is allowed, especially red fish.

Fruits and vegetables: they must provide a half of calories from your day menu. It is difficult only with traditional sorts because you’ll eat a great number of fibers and your stomach will be swollen all the time. But there are avocados and different nuts in this group and they have useful fats and it is easier to get necessary calories from this group.


Fats: olive oil, nuts, flex oil.

Drinks: soft dietetic, coffee, tea, wine, beer, another alcohol.

Desserts: dry fruits, nuts (to 130 gr. per day).


Dairy products: all the products which contain milk, butter, white cheese, cream, ice cream, milk and yogurt.

Serials: bailey, maize, millet, corns, rice, rye, wheat.

Leguminous: all sorts of beans, chick-peas, lentils, peas, peanuts, soya and soya products.

Vegetables rich in starch.

Soft drinks and sugar products.

The first level

Your three meals during the week must be open. Then you may eat what you want. Thus, the mental inhibit from bans is reducing. But it doesn’t mean that you may eat 1 kg. of  ice cream, 100 gr. is absolutely enough. The level goes on two weeks.


Breakfast: 1 boiled egg, 1 apple, 1 grated carrot and a cup of caffeine coffee.

Lunch: green salad with tune and a handful of almonds.

Dinner: a piece of boiled turkey, green salad, a kiwi and a mandarin.


Breakfast: lean pork chop, a fruit, and herbal tea.

Lunch: spinach salad, a piece of roast sea fish, grilled cauliflower and an apple.

Dinner:  the soup from vegetable marrows, a piece of stewed veal and figs.


Breakfast: a grapefruit, a piece of cold veal and a cup of caffeine coffee.

Lunch: open nutrition.

Dinner: a slice of avocado and tomatoes, a piece of boiled chicken chests, fresh fruit and some nuts.


Breakfast: 2 mixed eggs, a fresh fruit and herbal tea.

Lunch: green salad with shrimps, fresh fruits and herbal tea.

Dinner: tomato soup, green salad with olives, a piece of roast veal, fresh fruits and a glass of red wine.


Breakfast: fresh fruit, rolled crabs and some water with lemon.

Lunch: chicken with vegetables, salad from tomatoes, olives and cold tea.

Dinner: open nutrition.


Breakfast: fresh fruits, a piece of cold chicken and herbal tea.

Lunch: green salad with shrimps, fresh fruit and some water with lemon.

Dinner: baked mackerel, salad from tomatoes and cucumbers, fresh fruit and a glass of white wine.


Breakfast: open nutrition.

Lunch: chicken salad with almonds and herbal tea.

Dinner: a slice of tomato and an avocado, grilled chicken chests, steamed broccoli and some water with lemon.


The second level

You have a right for two open nutritions a week. The level goes on 14 days. If you achieve the desired weight you can miss the third level. Make a menu similar to the first level one. For snacks use only allowed food from the list.

The third level

You can guess that open nutrition can be done only once a week. You know the principles of the diet already and you can choose the right food now. Due to Dr. Kordeyn this level is for the biggest enthusiasts of the  Paleo Diet and they follow it all their lives.

Interstitial snacks:

All sorts of fruit;

Desalt beef jerk;

Desalt dry salmon;

Raw vegetables: carrots, celery, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, a cucumber;

Cold roast chicken chests without skin;

A slice of avocado or a tomato;

Nuts: almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts;

Dry fruits (to 60 gr. per day);

 A hard – boiled egg;


Unsalted  sunflower seeds.

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