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Godji berry and weight loss


What is Godji berry ?

Goji berry is a fruit  which cleanses the body from toxins, helps the function of liver, gall and kidneys. It acts well for high blood pressure, reduces the blood pressure and cholesterol, protects from heart diseases. It is suitable for cooking different dishes –as a seasoning  for chicken and fish,soups, porridges and sweets.

Where is it growing?

The plant  is eastern-asian and it is also  called Wolfberry, Lucia(Lycium Barbarum/ Lycium Chinese) and “red diamonds”. It is growing in south-eastern Europe and Asia.

Curative properties

The fruit is used  at faint spell, dizziness, vertigo, tired eyes, glaucoma, tingle and even at diabetes. It rises the ummunity and acts well for skin. It stimulates  cardio-vascular system and it is useful for stress. Goji berry helps  the prevention of cancer too. Its fruits are rich in calcium, potassium, iron, zinc, selenium, magnesium, riboflavin, beta carotene and polysaccharides  and a big amount of vitamin C. According to Chinese medicine  this fruit balances   Yin and Yang  energies in our bodies. It influences well on metabolism, cleanses the organism and helps the reduction of body weight.

 How to eat Godji Berry

Goji berry  has a sweet taste. The fruits may  be eaten always after the thermal treatment or may  be soaked for  tea. It may be eaten with musli , with oat flakes , with yogurt, with warm water for tea , added to cakes and desserts. It must be consumed by 30 gr. daily. You mustn’t eat  it when you have diarrhea, gases and the  swelling of an abdomen. If you are treated by chemotherary or radiotherapy, you may use these fruits for averting of reduction of the level of white  bloody  cells and increasing of the effect of therapy. The juice from Goji berry is very useful because of a  big amount of polysaccharides in it and the great curative properties are prescribed to it. It is said to be an aphrodisiac  and it helps problems with erection.

-At gastritis and for the stimulation of digestion the fruits are consumed directly after the termal treatment.

- For the reduction of blood sugar and blood pressure they  are soaked and consumed with water. The recommended doze is 10-20 gr. daily  for 3 takes.

-The tea from lycia and chrysanthemum is recommended for improvement of vision and the tea  from lycia and Chinese limonnik-for cleansing of liver.

It is an unpretentious  and easy for growing  plant.

If it starts once, Goji  berry is grown easily. It grows in different kinds of soil. It grows in the shape but being under the sun it gives more fruits. You can grow it from seeds or you can buy ready young plants. It must be cut on the top in order to have more fruits.

Healthy Drinks with Goji berry

-Put 200 gr. of fruits in 1 liter of white wine or liqueur. It may be consumed in a month 1-2 times daily -25 ml. If you want you may add some candy.

-Mix in the blender equal quantities of Goji berry, blueberries, cherries, apples, peaches  and blackberries  and mix  them for some minutes. You may add a glass of fresh orange juice in order  to  be beaten easily. Sprinkle some pine nuts.

-1/4 glass of soaked Goji berry , ½ tea spoon of grated orange skin, ½ tea spoon grated ginger, 1 date or 1 tea spoon of honey are mixed in the blender for getting the mixtire like jam. Mix with water and soaked Goji berry.You may add the fruit drink if you wish.

-2 glasses of water are mixed with a glass of grated carrots and 2 table spoons of Goji berry (soaked for some minutes). Mix  it in the blender for about a minute.

Goji berry Dressing

Mix ½ glass of Goji berry ( soaked one hour) , ½ glass of blueberries or raspberries, 1 glass of mallow part of coconut or coconut shreds, 2 dates, ½ tea spoon of an orange skin. Add some juice from any fruit and turn the blender on. The received mixture is suitable for salad dressing.

The Soup from Sweet Potatoes and Goji berry

(suitable for people with  diabetes)


2 sweet potatoes , coconut milk (a tin), Goji berry –by  your taste, vanilla butter.

Boil  the potatoes, beat them in the blender with some water to get the consistency of a normal cream-soup. Pour in the bowls. Add some drops of vanilla butter and Goji berry. It is good to keep the coconut milk in the fridge in advance to be tight. Make small balls of it and put 2-3 in each portion. Don’t beat! You may add nuts or seasonings  if you want.

Omelet with Parmesan, Goji berry and Chili peppers


5 eggs, 30 gr. of French cheese or parmesan , olive oil, 50 gr. of Goji berry, 3-4 fresh green hot peppers (chili), 3-4 fresh onions, 1 bunch of parsley.

Put the eggs in a saucepan. After slight baking,  add some parmesan and mix it. Add 2-3 table spoons of olive oil and go on mixing. Add cut onion, parsley and peppers  round cut. Turn the cooker  off and go on mixing.When the dish is going cool , add Goji berry. Cover with the lid.

Waffles with Cocoa and Goji berry


1  egg, 300 gr. of flour, 300 ml. of milk, 2 table spoons of sugar, 100 gr.of butter, 1 baking powder, 1 coffee spoon of vanilla powder, 2 table spoons of chopped cocoa beans, 1 table spoon of dried Goji berry.

Beat eggs, butter and sugar. Add  fresh milk, flour and baking powder.  Beat well to get a thick liquid mixture.  Bake the waffles  to be golden in the heated oven. Have them with honey or pine syrup.

 There are some interesting facts about Goji berry which you have to know if you are going to consume this fruit.

  •          Goji berry contains more vitamin C than  any other known us products.
  •          The reseaches show that the use of Goji  berry increases  testosterone and  thus libido of men.
  •         Another interesting fact is that  this fruit helps more effective turning of food into energy than  spare fats.
  •          Goji berry allows us to see better at night and improve our vision.
  •         It stimulates the production of digestive liquids  and then  the whole digestion.







HOW TO LOSE 60 KG (132lbs) FAST?

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The author of the diet “Minus 60” is Russian Ekaterina Miramanova.  After  two unsuccessful marriages followed by divorces, she began asking questions what the reason was. She found it in her figure. Ekaterina managed to lose her weight with 60kg. Her weight was  120 kg. Now Ekaterina is a  happily married woman who enjoys her new body. She called the diet which she had  created “Minus 60kg”. She says that it is not a diet but the  philosophy of life. Ekaterina took down 60 kg for 1 year as she  notices-without destroying the elasticity of her skin!

The diet “Minus 60” doesn’t pertain to the diets for quick slimming-sooner it is a way of life, which   must be kept forever. As the adherents of the diet say : it is not difficult at all because the organism   and  the loss of dinner at the usual time  don’t look fatal. Later on the problem disappears at all!

What  is important for this diet?

You can eat everything  what you want before lunch without limitation in quantity.So don’t think if you want to eat a cake or roast meat, tea or ice cream. To 12 a.m. your stomach can enjoy  its  life.

Lunch at this regime of nutrition is about 1-2 o’clock-at this time you can eat vegetables stewed in  a drop of vegetable oil  as well as  easy vegetable soups.

Mayonnaise  or sour cream are allowed to 2 o’clock in the afternoon . You can eat sushi or any  sour dairy  products.

Dinner is the most responsible nutrition of the day. Firstly it must be finished to 5.30-5.45. Secondly the meals must be boiled or stewed with water, it can’t be fried.Thirdly some food is  limited. They are divided into three groups of which you can choose one and combine it with a product from another group to cook your dinner. For example fruit is combined with dairy products : you can cut fruit salad and pour some yogurt in it making a wonderful dinner. Vegetables are combined with dairy products and grains: you can cook rice with vegetable salad: don’t forget that meat products  and eggs don’t combine with anything else, but they can be combined in the frame of the group: you may eat boiled chicken and an egg.

One of the quiestions gathered head for people who don’t dare to use the system “Minus 60”  is what to do if you go to be a guest after 6 p. m. The answer is easy: take a bottle of dry red  wine to decide the queation with alcohol. And ask the hostess to serve  some cheese on the table. It is allowed to drink a couple of glasses of wine with some slices of cheese.

The diet of the system “Minus 60” includes sports as well. Best of all to begin aerobics and  pilates.

Allowed fruit

1.      Apples (1-2 during the whole day (it is allowed after 12 too)

2.      Citrus

3.      Plums (not many)

4.      Kiwi

5.      Water-melon (1-2 slices a day –allowed after 12 too)

6.      Blue plums

7.      Pine-apple

8.      Avocado

     Allowed  legumen

1.      Rice

2.      Buckwheat

3.      Pasta  from hard sorts of wheat (it mustn’t be  combined  with meat and fish products , only  with cheese)

4.      Rice noodles and vermicelli

5.      Maize-not more than 1 glass a week

         Allowed meat and fish products

1.Boiled sausages

2.Cutlets (not fried)

3.Any meat, subproducts (without skin and fat)

4. Jelly

5.  Fish ( salty in small amounts)

6. Seafood

7. Cancer rolls

8. Meat on spits if not fat and without much souse

9.Boiled eggs

10.The principle of meat  prefers boiled or roast , stewed or on the dry pan.

 11. Only fish tins  with fish sauce. 

Allowed drinks

1. Any tea without sugar ( allowed between lunch and dinner too)

2. Coffee without sugar


4. Fresh  squeezed  juice  

5.Dairy and sour dairy products

Recommended vegetables

1.Potatoes, sweet potatoes  and beans (not green) and leguminous as well, which are eaten without meat and fish products.

2. Frozen peas  are allowed but not preserved.

3. Frozen maize or a maize on a stump.

4. Salty and soused vegetables in small amounts , it is allowed for different salads, sea cabbage, sour cabbage, olives and all salted vegetables.

5. Mushrooms and leguminous  are in the group of allowed vegetables.

The combination of mushrooms with meat must be careful (better seldom.)

Menu from the diet


Classical  salad  “Vinegret

Necessary products

50 gr. of potatoes

60 gr. of red beet

30 gr. of carrots

30 gr. of pickles

20 gr. of boiled green peas

5 gr. of vegetable oil

5 ml. of lemon acid-2 %


Chinese chicken

Needed  products

250 gr. of chicken meat (fillet)

300 gr. of frozen mix from Chinese vegetables

1 tablespoon  of vegetable oil

2 tablespoons  of soya sauce



Ground black pepper



Cut the fillet in thin slices crossly to muscle fibers.  Fry frozen vegetables in oil stirring all the time. Add some slices of fillet and fry 10 minutes more.Sprinkle some ginger and add soya sauce. After boiling  put some salt and black pepper.

Vegetarian cabbage soup

Necessary products

1 kg. of cabbage

3 potatoes

1-2 onions

1-2 carrots

3-4 tomatoes


1 tablespoon of vegetable oil

Ground black pepper



Boil some water, put some salt and turn down the fire. Chop the cabbage, cut peeled and washed potatoes. Put vegetables in the boiled water. Fry cut onion in oil, add cut carrots , fry them , add some cut tomatoes  and water and stewed everything.

Put  the stewed vegetables in the bouillon , add  bay-leaves , salt and pepper.








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The Doctors’  Diet  Can  Take to 110 lb. Down

What is the diet itself?

The diet has a principle of divided nutrition. Different food is eaten for two days but one must eat the same kind of food during these days. 2 days potatoes, 2 days chicken, 2 days salads ( fresh vegetables , roast, steamed), 2 days fish, 2 days fruit and 2 days only yogurt. Thus the organism is used to get the same food and only one enzym takes part in its degradation. The diet goes  on 12 days and it’s good to be  repeated  again!

Read more: HOW TO LOSE 50 KG /110Lb./ FAST


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Unlike more other nutrative regimes this diet has a golden rule to consume the least of calories  in the morning and in the evening (to 7 p.m.) one can eat more. The diet is for 7 days, 4-7 lb. will be lost. Every day one of the offered variants for breakfast, lunch and dinner is chosen.




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Everybody who needs cleansing the organism can use this diet with tomato juice.

Effect  - 13 lbs

Type - low calories, vegetarian

Duration - 14 days

Repeatability - once a month

Predominate  foods - tomatoes

Value - cheap

The tomato juice is one of the most useful juices. It helps slimming and cleanses the organism from fats, and you’ll avoid cellulite with this diet. The juice contains acids which are necessary for metabolic processes in the organism and it is rich in sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium. When you buy tomatoes, choose fresh, without wrinkled skin. Tomatoes must be kept at the temperature 10-13 degrees  C .

Fruit, puree and juice from tomatoes are useful for diseases of stomach –intestinal tract, accompanied by low acidity. The tomatoes influence well on the function of the cardio-vascular system. It is not recommended for people suffering gastritis.

The tomatoes contain antioxidants which make the process of getting old slower. 100 gr. tomatoes have 17 calories which are among the foods suitable for diets.  Masks with grated fresh tomatoes are used for grease and flabby skin of the face. Tomatoes are included in the anti-diabetic curative diets.

We recommend you to drink 2 cups of tomato juice a day. It will assure ½ necessary doze of vitamin C and A. In order to make 2 cups of tomato juice ½ kg.  tomatoes are necessary.  The diet can be kept not more than 2 weeks. The regime of nutrition which we offer is suitable during the fasts,  you’ll cleanse the organism from toxins.


Breakfast: a cup of tomato juice, two slices of rye bread, smeared with cottage cheese, a fruit.

Lunch: a cup of fresh tomato juice, 100 gr. of boiled rice, vegetables, 100 gr. of roasted fish.

Afternoon snack: an apple.


Dinner: roasted chicken chop. The stuffed tomato-cut the top of the tomato, mixed its contents with crumbled defatted cheese, chopped garlic, basil. Little salt and fill the tomato with this mixture. A cup of tomato juice.




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