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If you ask which is the most popular method for losing weight , practised by men and women, the answer is “The diet with maple syrup”. It is ideal as for reduction of the body weight so for cleansing of the organism. You can lose about 11-22 lb. for 10 days using this diet. It is due to the active reduction of fatty heaping and effective elimination of toxins from the body. The diet with maple syrup can be applied three –four times a year.

The diet with maple syrup has a positive effect on skin, hair, the work of the digestive system, mental and physical condition.

The maple syrup is the best means for quick losing weight

The main component, necessary for this diet, is the maple syrup of class A or class C. The researches of Canadian scientists show that the maple syrup of class A is the richest in the nutritive components. The difference between class A and class C is in an intensive taste, cleanness and quality of soil and it influences, in its turn, on the price of the product.

What does the diet with maple syrup contain?

 In this diet main meals are changed by specially made drinks of maple syrup, lemon juice and water. In order to make this drink you need next components:

-2 tablespoons of maple syrup

-2 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice

-1 pinch (1/4 tablespoon) of ginger in powder and hot red pepper (chili) for improvement of metabolism and circulation

-300 ml. of warm or cold water

All the components are stirred to homogeneous mixture.

For the achievement of good results you must consume from 6-to 12 cups (2-4 liters) of this drink  a day. When you feel hungry or weakness –drink a cup. You will provide the organism with all necessary vitamins and minerals drinking this beverage. The absence of proteins during the diet will make stronger the throwing out   of toxins from the organism. Remember, don’t consume any other food during the diet with maple syrup.

If it is necessary, you may drink mint tea or fizzy water additionally.

When you finish the diet, pay attention to the feeding during  next three days. The returning to the normal nutrition must be gradual, starting from small amounts   of easily nutritive food. Have in mind that the taking of big amounts of food can make worse the condition of the digestive system.

That is why follow the next recommendations:

The first day: breakfast: fruit juice; lunch: clear vegetable soup; dinner: boiled vegetables.

The second day: breakfast: fruit juice or fruit; lunch:  clear soup with millet and boiled corn (barley, rice); dinner: wheat nuts   poured with rice milk.

The third day: breakfast: fruit juice or fruit; lunch: vegetable soup and a little of protein food from soya; dinner: wheat nuts poured with rice milk.

The diet mustn’t keep on more than 10 days. If you wish to repeat the diet you must make a pause for 4 weeks.

The diet with maple syrup may be done by everyone. It will cleanse your organism from toxins which are the main reason for diseases.

People with serious diseases or disorder in specific physical functions must be consulted by the physician before the start of the diet!

What will you do if you can’t be limited by food? If you think that you can’t keep the strict ten-day regime of nutrition, we recommend to do the diet shorter-from 5 to 7 days. And in this case the only food which is taken during the diet is a beverage from maple syrup made by the upper- described way. You must drink 2-4 liters of a drink a day. Be sure you will achieve good results. In this case you may reduce your weight from 6, 6 to 11 lb.

How will you keep the achieved results?

The most successful way to keep the achieved results is to change breakfast and dinner with 2-3 cups of original maple syrup drink made by the upper recipe. Thus, you’ll help the natural process of cleansing the organism, which is the most intensive at night.

Consume some bread from inseparable flour for lunch, as well as protein food such as boiled white meat, soya cutlets, soya meatballs, mushrooms and fish. You may eat boiled or stewed vegetables for dressing. Fresh salad may be consumed unlimitedly but don’t cook it with oil and salt. The clear vegetable soup will make you fresh.

We recommend fresh fruit for dessert. The best thing you can do for yourself in this period is to avoid sweets, red meat, fried things, white flour, sugar and alcohol. These products make the digestive system slower and cleansing the organism from   toxins and poisons, which are the reason of many diseases, more complex and they increase fatty heaping.

Changing breakfast and dinner by maple syrup you in fact go on the process of cleansing of the body started with this diet. It helps in supporting of weight. It is good to keep this regime during one month. After that you can pass to the last phase of cleansing, i .e.-one- day program.

One-day program for cleansing the organism.

Many people don’t think about their digestive system and about poisons which are gathered to the moment when the pain appears. One-day program gives you a chance to avoid these troubles. If you change your usual meals with the maple syrup beverage only once a week, you’ll give a chance for your organism to be cleansed and have rest keeping the same weight. Because of the favorable action,

Be patient and tenacious

During first three days you’ll feel weakness and exhaustion. This is a result of the active cleansing from poisons.

But don’t give up! The slimming demands time and tenacity. Don’t allow eventual mistakes in keeping the diet to disappoint you .They won’t frustrate your previous efforts in contrast to your negative reaction. Look at it in a long-term prospect.

Trust your own choice and ability to achieve the success. The results will be accompanied by 100 % health.






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