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You can lose at least 3kg for 7 days using the Diet Point. And if you turn it into a nutritive regime, combined with enough motion, you may keep the desired weight all the time. The Diet Point is made in the USA in order to supply an ideal weight for military men and austronauts. But its popularity, however, crosses the borders of the USA entering nearly each house, each continent. So in a certain moment of your life you manage to try it for yourself.

What are the privileges of the Diet Point?

At first the diet looks easy for doing, especially for people who wouldn’t want to be deprived of anything. Keep golden maxim-you mustn’t overdo with anything. I like everything that is delicious.

The lovers of alcohol are favored because this diet allows it.In moderate amounts, of course.

What will it be if we collect all day points only from beer or whisky, for example?

That’s why, as it is said, a little from everything, as for a refined cocktail. If we want a result, however, it is important to limit the usage of carbohydrates and fats instead of proteins. You simply must buy a weighting machine, which is exact and with a list of products how many points bring it to you (the table is down). Think in order to keep the present weight you must consume foods which give you 70-75 points. If you want to reduce it, you must get to 40-45 points per day.

You must have in mind that the white bread gives the most points (48) and having eaten a slice of bread, you’ll already increase your day doze.

The lovers of meat may be satisfied because it brings zero points if it’s boiled and you   may consume it unlimitedly, it  means that you won’t be hungry. In this aspect the Diet Point is very close to Pierre Dukan diet.

Anyway, there are some variants for more various nutrition here, but in smaller quantities.

How to use the table at Diet Point?

That’s why before applying the Diet Point for yourselves, look at the tables given down. If you want to eat something which is not in the table, then you have to appreciate its content and what group it can belong to, or don’t eat it at all or don’t be strict in keeping this diet. Anyway, it’s only one life we live!

There are exemplary products with an approximate weight in the table and how many points they contain. You yourself can do the day menu. Only a quick look at the table will remember you that using each diet in order to lose weight you must avoid sweet, paste products, food with preservatives, and fizzy drinks too.

If you want to become slim, you must consume foods which are below 45 points per day, if you wish to keep the weight, then you may allow products which as a sum are equal to 70 points per day.

The exemplary menu in the Diet Point

Breakfast: a loaf of bread and fruits (4 points)

A half of wholemeal  bread, toasted and spread with a spoon of avocado, 30 gr. smoked salmon on the top. It is served with 1 bowl of fresh fruit salad.

Lunch: a stuffed potato (7 points)

1 middle-sized baked potato, stuffed with ¼ cut red onion, ¼ bowl of sweet maize, 1/2 cut tomato, 1 spoon of defatted cream, ½ bowl of spinach and 30 gr. cheese.

Dinner: spiced roast lamb cutlets (10 points)

2 big red peppers, cut  2   of red onions, cut in 8 pieces, 685 gr. lamb cutlets, 240 gr. wholemeal bread, 40 gr. black olives, 80 gr. salad leaves, 1 spoon olive oil and 2 tablespoons of vinegar.

Light meal (8 points)

1 small cup of coffee with skimmed milk, 200 gr. dietetic yogurt, 2 dietetic biscuits, 10 raw almonds.





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