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90-day diet is submitted by the principle of the separable nutrition. The authors of the diet allow toeat certain foods during the day but breakfast, however, is expected to be fruits. It is good that the sweet things are allowed to be eaten in this diet. Due to this diet it is expected to lose 25 kg (55 lb) for 90 days. These 90 days of diet are divided into four daily cycles when you eat in the following way:


*1 day-proteins (meat and meat products with the addition of vegetables and a small slice of bread)

*2 day-farina (complicated   carbohydrates, for instance, leguminous plants, cereals and root crops and vegetables)

*3 day-carbohydrates (pies, cakes and pies without milk and eggs are allowed and for dinner-pies like cakes, ice-cream, chocolate)

*4 day-vitamins (you can eat only fruits, nuts and seeds , you can combine them with vegetables if you want)

Every 29 days there is a day for discharge (there are 3 such days for 90). These days you must not eat at all, only drink clear not aеrated water. After discharge day the vitamin day must follow and then protein day again.

There are next requirements for the regime of 90-day diet

*The main nutrition must be done from 12 a. m. to 8 p. m.

*Breakfast must be light, it always consists of fruits and not calorie drinks.

*You must drink at least 2 liters water per day.

* The main course must be at lunch, at dinner you eat twice less than at lunch.

* Having been hungry you may eat a fruit between nutrition.

The allowed products for 90-day diet (with the exception of fruits for breakfast)

Protein days

-All kinds of meat (veal, pork, chicken, rabbit, turkey…)

-Fish and sea food


-Cheese, cottage cheese, all dairy products

-A cup of broth (a cube is possible)

-All sorts of vegetables, in any form, with the exception of starch

-Besides, you can eat a slice of brown bread for lunch

Starch days

*All kinds of leguminous foods: beans, peas, chick-peas, lentils and soya

*Rice, semolina or barley, buckwheat and other cereals

*All vegetables including potatoes

*Vegetable broth

* Besides, you can eat a slice of brown bread at lunch

Carbohydrate days

*Products from flour: bread, pastry things, biscuits, pizza set

* Cereals: buckwheat, barley, millet etc.

*All sorts of vegetables, tomato sauce and foodstuff

*Candies for dinner: 1 pie or 3 small biscuits or a handful of small biscuits or 3 spoons of ice-cream

*A bar of dark chocolate for dinner

Vitamin days

-Different sorts of fruits, you may add some sugar

-Dried fruits, it is recommended to put them in water in advance(you may even drink the water afterwards)

-Nuts and seeds (a portion is 25 gr.)

-Fruits, vegetable juice

-Fresh vegetables

If you strictly follow this diet, you will lose 25 kg (55 lb) at the end of 90-day diet.




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