The Macrobiotic Diet is One of the Healthiest Diets

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macrobiotic diet


Dr. Sagen Ishizuka’s macrobiotic diet

What is macrobiotic nutrition? Those, who are interested in losing kilograms and healthy way of life, must learn the answer to this question.

This is the whole nutritive diet made to help in finding the balance between the physical and emotional adjustment for slimming.

What is the macrobiotic diet?

Dr. Sagen Ishizuka is able to treat many people with the change of their nutritive habits. His recommended diet includes brown rice and different vegetables. His practice became so successful that he limited the number of his patients to 100 per day.

The macrobiotic diet suggests kernels, wholegrain foods and those rich in fibers, vegetables and some fruit.

Dr. Sagen Ishizuka’s diet is composed by five main principles:

*Foods: the basis of health and happiness.

*Sodium and potassium: the main antagonistic and additional elements in eating.

* Grains: the main human meal.

*One must eat only healthy and natural foods.

* Eat only food grown locally in dependence on the season. The ideal diet must consist of food which grows about 300-500 miles from the place you live.

Is meat allowed?

 Is meat allowed during the macrobiotic diet? Above all, it is not much connected with the principles of vegetarianism. In fact, this diet differs from the rest because it depends on the region you live in. This is so because you must eat the foods which are grown locally. It means that if you live in the state Illinois, you won’t eat bananas. The principle is if you eat food which is imported from the other countries or regions with different climate, soil, water etc., this will lead to the disbalance of our organism which physically will lead us to the loss of adaptation to the environment around. And this disbalance increases the physical and mental risk.

The foods given down must be used frugally or mustn’t be consumed at all:

*Dairy products: milk, butter, cheese, ice cream.

* Domestic birds: chicken, duck, turkey.

* Red meat: beef, lamb, pork.

Due to the macrobiotic theory, you may be sick seriously if you eat much meat and live in warm or moderate climate, because the nutritive regime with meat products is more suitable for people living in the polar regions. 

What is macrobiotic cooking

During  the cold seasons cook with more salt in comparison with the warm ones. What kind of heat treatment of foods is suitable for the macrobiotic nutrition:



*Simmering with little fire



*Cooking under pressure

*Quick frying with butter

*Cooking on steam

The priorities of the macrobiotic diet

Is this diet for you? It doesn’t depend on whether you want to improve your health, to lose your weight or both, this diet must be an answer you are looking for because it:

*Makes your skin young and bright

*Helps you to lose overweight

*Helps to reduce cholesterol

*Helps to avert cancer tumors

*Helps to balance blood pressure

* Helps health of the heart

*Stimulates the immune system

The grain in the basis of the diet

 During 10 days eat 3 times per day boiled, fried, smashed or ground grains. Of course, it is not  a various menu, but it’s effective because you can lose about 9 lb. The menu can be rich in fruit and vegetables but cereal cultures must be 70 % of everyday menu. The nutrition always finishes with pickles (you can cook it from cut cabbage, celery, cucumbers) - a very important part of macrobiotic menu.

Allowed and forbidden

The nutritive products are divided in cooling (yin) and warming (yang).The given nutritive product is classified by pH acidity , the place where he was born (wet or dry soil), its color, form, aroma or consistence. Besides, the basis of the diet is energetically neutral (balanced) and natural products, i. e. wholegrain products (wheat, oats, barley, brown rice).These products must occupy the half of the day menu, 35 % of the diet are fresh vegetables, the rest 15 % are seeds of leguminous and others.

Natural orange carrots, green garlic on the board 

Fruit, fish, white meat, nuts and dairy products have a little participation. In this diet there is no place for meat, bread, sweet things , alcohol, more dairy products, caffeine, hot spices as well as processed or conserved products.

Eat the whole products

It is important if possible to eat more products the whole because, thus, they keep right proportions of nutritive substances, i. e. proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, mineral salts. As whole products the macrobiotic diet accepts vegetables and fruit. Those who can’t use them the whole, must use them fully. It means that, for example, cut parts (seeds, seed-grains) of an apple or a pear must be boiled, and their juice must be used as compote or a basis for kissel. The pits of plums or apricots after drying can be broken and their content can be used as almonds.

The art of cooking food

The more the products boiled (in water or on steam), the more Yang gets.  In order to change less the properties of food, it is better to cook in a pressure-cooker and vegetables must be only blanched immersed in boiled water for some minutes. Of course, ”the safest “ form for energy is consumption of foods in uncooked condition, i. e. raw.


Oat flakes with water, a toast of brown (rye) bread spread with a spoon of honey, tea ot herbal infusion.


Vegetable soup, sushi, tofu.

Afternoon snack:

An apple


Cutlets from millet  and vegetables, grated turnip with baked duckweed.










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