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Everybody who needs cleansing the organism can use this diet with tomato juice.

Effect  - 13 lbs

Type - low calories, vegetarian

Duration - 14 days

Repeatability - once a month

Predominate  foods - tomatoes

Value - cheap

The tomato juice is one of the most useful juices. It helps slimming and cleanses the organism from fats, and you’ll avoid cellulite with this diet. The juice contains acids which are necessary for metabolic processes in the organism and it is rich in sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium. When you buy tomatoes, choose fresh, without wrinkled skin. Tomatoes must be kept at the temperature 10-13 degrees  C .

Fruit, puree and juice from tomatoes are useful for diseases of stomach –intestinal tract, accompanied by low acidity. The tomatoes influence well on the function of the cardio-vascular system. It is not recommended for people suffering gastritis.

The tomatoes contain antioxidants which make the process of getting old slower. 100 gr. tomatoes have 17 calories which are among the foods suitable for diets.  Masks with grated fresh tomatoes are used for grease and flabby skin of the face. Tomatoes are included in the anti-diabetic curative diets.

We recommend you to drink 2 cups of tomato juice a day. It will assure ½ necessary doze of vitamin C and A. In order to make 2 cups of tomato juice ½ kg.  tomatoes are necessary.  The diet can be kept not more than 2 weeks. The regime of nutrition which we offer is suitable during the fasts,  you’ll cleanse the organism from toxins.


Breakfast: a cup of tomato juice, two slices of rye bread, smeared with cottage cheese, a fruit.

Lunch: a cup of fresh tomato juice, 100 gr. of boiled rice, vegetables, 100 gr. of roasted fish.

Afternoon snack: an apple.


Dinner: roasted chicken chop. The stuffed tomato-cut the top of the tomato, mixed its contents with crumbled defatted cheese, chopped garlic, basil. Little salt and fill the tomato with this mixture. A cup of tomato juice.




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