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The Doctors’  Diet  Can  Take to 110 lb. Down

What is the diet itself?

The diet has a principle of divided nutrition. Different food is eaten for two days but one must eat the same kind of food during these days. 2 days potatoes, 2 days chicken, 2 days salads ( fresh vegetables , roast, steamed), 2 days fish, 2 days fruit and 2 days only yogurt. Thus the organism is used to get the same food and only one enzym takes part in its degradation. The diet goes  on 12 days and it’s good to be  repeated  again!


Besides, every morning the people who don’t have problems with their stomach  take first (on empty stomach) 1 aspirin and 1 vitamin C. The tablet is taken to improve metabolism  and a  quicker function of the alimentary canal. Much water is drunk, coffee and tea –without sugar. No matter roast, fried or boiled –it is important not to mix  meals. This is the main principle of the diet.

What quantities of food can be taken?

Unlimited. One can eat how much one wants and any time one wants,   even at night. But if  it is a day for potatoes , only potatoes must be eaten. Only water without alcohol and fizzy drinks is drunk.You may drink tea too. If  there are people who don’t feel well, they can allow half spoon of honey and that will be enough.

Can  any healthy  person use this diet?

Not only healthy people, I know that this diet is  also called the doctors’  diet. It is recommended even when the person must be operated.This way the organism is cleansed  and it starts working better.  The diet is for 12 days. It is well  for  the people with more kilograms to repeat the diet right away after finishing it , i. e. twice for 12 days –in general 24. During this period the minimal 18-20 lb. must be taken down. Then the person can have a rest and later continue again.

What are the concrete results for you?

44 lb. must be taken down for three months. Besides, healthy or ill one must do this diet 2 times a year because then one’s organism is cleansed.

Is the consultation with a physician  necessary before the beginning of the diet?

This  is the method of nutrition. It is not even  a diet –it is one’s relation to one’s body, relation to meals. Naturally it is good to consult a dietitian or a physician  but do it if you have some diseases  when it is not recommended to feed this way.




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