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The dietetic regime is destined for children above 10 years old

The diet is 7 days

The first and the second days everything is the same

The third and the fourth days everything is the same

The fifth and the sixth days everything is the same

The seventh day is unloading


The exemplary menu from the children’s diet

The first and the second days everything is the same

8 o’clock-1/2 hour before eating some tea + a vegetable

(the same during the whole day), after that a dairy product ( milk, yogurt, cottage cheese)+ the same vegetable

10 o’clock-tea + yogurt (kefir)

12 o’clock-1/2 hour before eating some tea + a vegetable, after that some meat (chicken, veal, fish, an egg, pork fillet) + a vegetable

4 o’clock p. m. =10 o’clock a. m.

7 o’clock p.m. =12 o’clock a.m.

This is repeated for  2 days –the dishes can be different each time but they must be cooked from the same products. For lunch the combination from vegetables is allowed but it must be the same for dinner.

For example, you may eat a chicken steak with salad from cabbage, carrots, dill

And for dinner – chickenwith cabbagein the  oven.

For the second day the meat must be the same we have eaten the first day (chicken) but the combination from vegetables may be another one.

The third and the fourth days the principle is the same but instead of chicken you may include another sort of meat or fish or eggs.

The fifthand the sixth days at 8, 10 a.m. and 4 o’clock p.m. instead of a vegetable we eat a fruit (bananas, grapes and melons are forbidden.)

The seventh day may be organized independently or in combination fruits, vegetables, milk and yogurt, at 8, 10, 4 p. m. –yogurt; 12 a.m., 7 p.m. –meat by your choice but it must be the same for two meals.

2 kinds of protein foods, without vegetables and fruits! + 2 liters of liquid

There is no bread, no sugar.

The expected result is minus 4-7 lb. per week.

What foods can children consume without loading their organisms and go them short from substances necessary for the growth of the young organism?


Foods which the child can consume:

-milk and yogurt


-mince -only if the parents themselves  ground the meat at home, don’t eat the mince from the shops, because we don’t know what it contains.


-lean ham


-legumen -beans, lentils, peas.

Foods which must be consumed with attention, it is good to reduce their quantity twice from those they are eating at the moment:


-fried potatoes ( though once a week is not a problem)



-fruits -they are healthy food but they contain enough sugar and that’s why don’t eat more than 1-2fruits  per day

Foods to avoid:

 -all sweet things, if it has a sweet taste, don’t eat it or just try it.

- all  paste products –a cake, pies, crackers, pie, buns...

-fried things-cook roast or boiled meals

- bread -crumbs.


Before starting whatever diet, the children must be examined by the physician and he/she must approve the keeping of the nutritive regime.




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