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How to relieve the pain at cystitis?

1.    For the quick relief of discomfort, take 1 teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate, dissolved in a glass of water. This helps for averting of high acidity of urine and interaction with the injured tissue.

2.    Drink much water to dilute the urine.


3.    Ice bags or pads for heating can help to relieve the pain.

4.    Foods, pointed below, contain amino acids and other acids which irritate the uric bladder and make discomfort. Some foods can be more irritating for certain people than others. Avoid all foods, counted below, for blowing over the symptoms.

Foods which must be avoided


. Alcohol

. Apples

. Apple juice

. Avocado

. Bananas

. Beer

. Beer yeast

. Melon

. Fizzy drinks

. Champagne

. Cheese (all sorts)

. Chicken liver

. Hot peppers /savoury foods

. Chocolate

. Citrus fruits

. Coffee

. Beef

. Red blueberries

. Beans

. Figs

. Grapes

. Lemon juice

. Lime beans

. Mayonnaise

. NutraSweet (Aspartam)

. Kernels (with the exception of cedar kernels)

. Onion

. Peaches

.Marinaded  herring

. Pine-apples

. Plums

. Dry plums

. Raisons

. Brown bread

. Saccharine

. Cream

. Soya sauce

. Strawberries

. Teas

. Tomatoes

. Vinegar

. Vitamins containing NutraSweet

. Wines

. Kefir


Here are some preventive measures that will help you to prevent the next fits.



.     Avoid sour foods. This is the most certain way not to intensify cystitis. These foods like tomatoes, strawberries, citrus fruits, pickles, curry and some other spices, contain acids which irritate the uric bladder.

.    Give up caffeine and alcohol and citrus fruits. Coffee is diuretic and it increases the amount of urine.

.    Walk, run away of pain. Everyday walks are an unchangeable means for supporting of soul and physical health. Women, suffered cystitis, must avoid all kinds of exercises, challenged shocks of the uric bladder-i.e. they mustn’t run or do aerobics. Walking doesn’t demand efforts but it gives energy. In theory, walking stimulates production of endorphins –natural anaesthetic  means.

.     Blueberry juice, sugar free. It restores acidity of urine which has a quality to stop the infectious process. At the first features you have to drink 50 ml. of juice every hour. Usually the infection disappears in some hours. 3 days more drink 2 glasses of juice daily for prevention.

It is proved that blueberries contain the substance which doesn’t allow bacteria to attach to the walls of the uric bladder.


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