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If you get panic attacks, pay attention to the nutritive substances and minerals which you will include in your diet.

Multivitamins and minerals provide all necessary substances for the organism which are exhausted in the stress condition.

Calcium and magnesium challenge a sedative effect reducing anxiety and tension. Vitamin C is an important antioxidant that decreases stress when it is taken in bigger doses.

 Complex vitamin B reduces tension and enables a good functioning  of the  nervous system.

Vitamin E provides the supply of oxygen to the brain cells.

The essential lardaceous acids influence the right functions and development of the brain.

Ginco Biloba neutralizes free radicals.

The chamomile helps in averting panic attacks.

St. John’s wort relieves depression and restores emotional stability.

Caffeine is a substance that can increase anxiety at the panic breakdown.

 Why is caffeine dangerous for people with Anxiety disorders?

People suffering from panic disorder and other anxiety disorders must know that caffeine can challenge panic attacks. More than fifty percents of suffering  people say that they get crises after drinking 2-3 cups of coffee / for some people are necessary only one cup to get an attack/

What is the action of caffeine?

Caffeine makes are more sensitive to the world and body.

Caffeine, for sure, enforces the chance to get fit of anxiety.

Due to it we become more sensitive to the world around us and to what happens with our bodies.

What happens to your body when you drink caffeine drinks?

When you take caffeine in any form, it influences the adrenal gland, it is a place from which the adrenalin distributes in the body. With its action, caffeine increases the level of adrenalin in the body. And if you consume too much caffeine, it is possible for the adrenal gland to be exhausted and as a result of it, it won’t be able to react correctly to the stress.

Omega -3 and the panic  disorder

The panic breakdown, depression, and anxiety derangements are well influenced by omega-3 fatty acids. Omega -3 fatty acids are absent in most of our meals. This component is in the deep-water sea fish. Thanks to it their skin is elastic. For people, omega -3 fatty acid helps to keep the elasticity of the cells, the flexibility of the joints as well as the good function of the blood system.

Even in cold water, the fat of fish cells remains elastic exactly because of containing omega-3 fatty acids in their cells. Omega -3 is important for the heart and brain in the human organism. They influence the hormone-like substances, known as prostaglandins, responsible for many body functions.

Omega-3 influences depression, lifting the tone, after piling certain levels in the organism. It works well at the panic breakdown because it eliminates the sense of depersonalization and derealization.

The patient feels ready to struggle with the rest of the symptoms with newly appeared vitality.

The common confidence in own forces comes back which is so needed for the beginning of the new life.



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