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Despite of warning that we must avoid soft drinks and juices because they have much sugar, some experts suggest  drinking  only water and milk.

Among drinks with low content of sugar, however, there is one which gets praises-beer.

The researches show that it protects from Altshaymer, helps to lose weight and even balances hormones. Now all it attracts more and more men and women, the supporters of healthy way of life.

Many popular people begin appreciating the quality of this drink as well. The actress Mila Kunis confessed some time ago that her favorite drink is the beer “Blue Moon”, and the supermodel Elle Macpherson said that she washed her hair with beer. Even the saint of Hollywood Gwyneth Paltrow says that she admires a foamy liquid named “Guinness” very much. But, in fact, what is the use of beer and how is it useful for us?

Vitamin A in a pint of beer

“If you analyses beer, you will be surprised how many nutritive substances are in it. Beer contains all irreplaceable (and many from inessential) aminoacids” says the Australian doctor Stefan Domenig.

Except all these building protein blocks and minerals as phosphorus, iodine, magnesium and potassium, the beer is rich in calcium too so it makes your bones stronger. The researches of the University “Tufts” in the USA in 2009 establish that the moderate consumption of beer can protect the mineral thickness of bones.

The beer belly is a myth

Though the beer is rich in vitamins, at the same time the beer has a low content of sugar, high levels of which can cause diabetes and obesity. When one can of coke contains seven teaspoons of sugar, a can of orange juice –six, half pint of beer contains a little more than one teaspoon of sugar.

“In comparison with soft drinks, beer doesn’t increase blood sugar. Beer is 93 % water so it is a quite moisturizing drink”, says the dietitian Dr. Catherine  O’Sullivan.

In fact even the moderate consumption of beer can help to avoid diabetes.  Because of the threat of so-called “beer belly” , the researches among 2000 regular beer  drinkers made by London University  conclude that the moderate consumption of beer  is not connected with a big getting of weight.

The beer is rich in fibers when two glasses give between 10 and 30 % of recommended daily doze. As it is known fibers help us to feel full and don’t feel hunger.

Protection from diseases

Although drinking beer is usually connected with blurring of brain, the researches show that it can help to be protected from Altshaymer disease. This disease, which hits about 500 thousands of British subjects, is connected with high levels of aluminum, silicon in beer and can compensate damages which it does.

The researches in 2008, published in the journal “Food and chemical toxicology”, show that silicon can reduce aluminum in the digestive tract and slow down heaping of metal in body and brain tissue. Anyway take care not to drink much because two liters per day can lead to the loss of memory.

Besides, the beer is useful for heart. The researches of Athens University in 2013 prove that it makes flexibility of arteries stronger. The scientists study the cardio-vascular system of men, not smoking, under 35 years old after they had drunk 400 ml. of beer and compare the results with those of men who had already drunk vodka or soft beer. These three drinks have a good effect on arteries but the benefit from beer is the biggest one.

The beer for beauty

People drinking beer make a great favor for their skin. Made from barley, the drink is rich in ferulic acid, which is a mighty antioksidant, proved protected skin from harmful sunny rays. This acid is contained in tomatoes, sweet maize and rice too and in beer in the form which is easily and quickly assimilated in the organism. The hop in beer is very useful for hair and a number of celebrities, Catherine Zita -Jones among them, wash their hair with this foamy liquid.

Increase your libido with beer

It is said that hop in beer has qualities which are similar to aphrodisiac. The researches show that phytoestrogen from hop and similar estrogen compounds, which are in the vegetable food, can help against hot waves, low libido and other symptoms connected wit menopause. The beer helps hormonal balance at the syndrome of polycystic ovaries, endometriosis and premenopause.

The useful qualities of beer

The beer hides the years and lessens the stress, this is a short result of the researches of the Institute of cryobiology and nutritive technologies in Sofia. The condition is to drink beer in moderate dozes – one liter per day for men and half a liter for women.

If one keeps this condition, the whole death-rate will reduce with 10-20 %, the research shows. The good affect of beer is due to useful but very rare molecule called nicotinamide ribozid.

The scientists notice that this discovery makes full the known facts that the combination of four healthy elements-physical activity, not smoking, moderate consumption of beer and everyday take of fruit and vegetables, is equal to rejuvenation with 14 years from the real age.

The scientists also say that beer doesn’t contain fats and cholesterol but it is rich in easily assimilated sugars and slowly assimilated dextrins. Due to it the beer isn’t an obstacle for diets and it can be part of them. Due to moderate use of beer, the human organism gets specific substances which are only in hop. The hop ingredient ksantohumol is  much stronger  antioksidant than those in wine, green tea  and soya products , our scientists claim. The hop reduces stress and “unlocks” endofrins, which are hormones of happiness.






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