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Among the professional fighters for a slender figure in the last years one can hear:”Buckwheat with kefir make wonders!”, “Only buckwheat has  saved you!”, “Buckwheat diet is simple and mainly –effective!”. Is really the buckwheat and kefir diet so effective and universal? Let’s try to understand.



How does it work?

They say that buckwheat together with kefir help to restore the balance of microelements in the organism, cleanse it from slags and make normal the whole work of the digestive system.


Separately these products: kefir and buckwheat are very useful. Buckwheat groat is nutritive enough, but one/third of it contains proteins (which is a rare thing for groats.) It contains all general vitamins as well. Kefir as a big amount of sour-milky products stops the process of rotting in the bowels, stimulates the work of liver, supplies the organism with vitamins and helps taking the toxins off.


Together buckwheat and kefir make the effect of “general cleaning” of the intestinal tract. The kernels of buckwheat work as brush-scrapers, which scrape off “everything superfluous” from the walls of the bowels and kefir helps to take these toxins off the organism. Buckwheat gives the organism necessary number of calories but you can’t “overeat” and kefir fills the balance of liquid and fats.


Is there panacea for losing weight?

In fact, buckwheat with kefir for losing weight aren’t used by lazy people only. The simple ingredients and unlimited amount of using buckwheat per day, the diet looks simple and effective. Logic and description of the influence of this food on organism show that in any case the result will occur. But it directly depends on individual features of the organism. For someone it’s enough to live on buckwheat and kefir only four-five days in order to normalize the digestive system and lose about 20 lb. of weight. The others will get the minimal result of 4-7 lb. for two weeks.


The separate category is for people suffering certain diseases of the stomach-intestinal tract. Such a strong menu as buckwheat with kefir brings undesirable and unpleasant results for those who have problems with liver or pancreas. The raw groat is aggressive enough to do inflammation or a serious disorder in the work of system, which can lead to activation of old sores.

In the menu: buckwheat with kefir

Everything is easy: buckwheat with kefir for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

You need minimum one week for buckwheat with kefir diet, maximum-two. The repeated procedure is possible only in a month or two.


Kefir must be low-fatted (1-2 %) but not fatless at all ( because then the cleansing won’t work-there won’t be enough fat acids). Buckwheat needs additional treatment. You mustn’t boil it, you need to pour some boiled water on it and leave it for 12 hours (the correlation of buckwheat and water is one to two). Salt, pepper and other spices are not allowed.


You may use buckwheat with kefir in unlimited amounts (usually not more than 4 meals per day), not eating only 3-4 hours before going to bed. It is ideal when kefir is drunk half an hour before /after eating buckwheat but it will be complicated to live on cold food. It is normal to eat more in the first days, later on the amounts will shorten twice. Firstly you’ll pester with buckwheat with kefir, secondly the stomach pesters with small quantities and it doesn’t want more.



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