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The   Magnetic   Storms in October 2014

The reason of the magnetic storms is a mighty eruption of the sun. The sunny eruption is like a nuclear explosion. The re-charged   particles bomb the earth with the speed of 1, 2 thousands kilometers in a second. When these particles hit the magnetic field of the earth, then the magnetic storms occur.

Without paying attention to the September predictions about the end of the world, people go on their living in a normal way and expecting October magnetic storms.

It is true that you mustn’t be worried- the magnetosphere will be calm.

We must notice that the magnetic storms influence on people who have high and low blood pressure and heart diseases. About 70 % of heart attacks and insults become in the period of the magnetic storms. It is good to enjoy fresh air, avoid stress and not to break the taking  the prescribed medicines.

 In October the magnetic storms are expected in days:

3 October

4 October

5 October

9 October

10 October

15 October

16 October

17 October

21 October

22 October

25 October

How will we protect our health during the magnetic storms?

Here are some useful advice from the physicians:

-reduce the physical activity

-refuse alcohol or reduce its quantity

-you may take an aspirin for diluting of the blood

-for   reducing of irritation, take natural sedative means-for example, valerian

-it is good to hermit in the days of the magnetic storms, thus, you will reduce cholesterol in blood

-the cardiac patients have to keep the physician’s   instructions   and always have a pill at hand

In October 11 light magnetic storms are expected. You must know that the less you think of them, the better your soul and physical form will be.


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