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This diet includes 20 days. It is divided into 3 stages which alternate.

The model menu:

The first and the second days-hungry days

During the day drink 1-2 liters of fresh milk or yoghurt, a glass of tomato juice, 2 slices of brown bread.

The third and the fourth days-protein days


8-9 o’clock: white coffee, a slice of brown bread with half teaspoon butter, half teaspoon of honey.

12-1 p. m.: a cup of broth (from beef or fish), 100 gr. boiled meat or fish, a slice of brown bread.

4-5 p.m.: a glass of milk or a cup of tea with half teaspoon honey.

7 p. m.: 100 gr. boiled meat or 2 eggs and 50 gr. cheese and a glass of kefir.

The fifth and the sixth days-vegetable diet day

8 o’clock: 2 apples and 2 oranges.

12 o’clock : vegetable soup and salad without potatoes.

4-5 p. m.:2 apples and 2 oranges.

7 p. m.: salad from cabbage, beet and carrots, a slice of brown bread, a cup of tea with half teaspoon of honey.

It is forbidden to take: wine, beer, lemonade, sugar, pies, biscuits, white bread, potatoes, paste  products in this diet.

In order to get  the result you have to keep the diet during 20 days. It is recommended to take multivitamins. If you follow all these recommendations, you can lose 15 kg (33 lb) just in 20 days. After the diet you can eat everything but in sensible amounts-eat much cottage cheese.

The diet must not be repeated earlier than one month.

The consultation with your physician before the beginning of the diet is obligatory!!!



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