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Don’t forget that quick diets are not useful for health. Slow and gradual weight loss is recommended. Anyway, some people need the quick weight loss. We represent you a diet which is called “Doctor’s Diet”, however, be careful. The consultation with your physician is obligatory before starting the diet. Only he/she can decide if it is suitable for you!


Duration of the diet-7 days.

The effectiveness of the diet-22 lb. at the first application and 6-9 lb. at the second one.

Advice-don’t repeat the diet more than once a month.

The advantage of this diet–cheap foods.

The dietetic menu per week

The first day-drink a bottle of mineral water  (6 times a day).

The second day-drink 0, 8  liter skim milk per day. At 9 o’clock eat one apple.

The third day-drink a bottle of water in duration of 6 times a day.

The fourth day-vegetables .  A big bowl of salad, capacity-1 liter (divided into three parts).You may drink two glasses of water and two cups of tea. The products for vegetable salad: carrots, cabbage, fresh herbs, 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil.

The fifth day-drink 0, 8 liter skim milk per day.

The sixth day:

Breakfast-one boiled egg and half cup of tea.

At 11 o’clock-a cup of vegetable soup from potatoes, cabbage, carrots and other vegetables.

Lunch-100 gr. preserved green peas and 100 gr. meat.

Afternoon  breakfast-one apple.

Dinner- one apple.

At 9 p. m. –one apple.

The seventh day-100 gr.  cottage cheese and 2 glasses of fresh milk or yoghurt.

For dinner –a cup of tea.



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