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27-days forecast of magnetic storms


From 18 May 2017 to 13 June 2017 the following magnetic storms and disturbances are expected:


                May 18, 2017 — geomagnetic storm of level G1 (minor)

                May 19, 2017 — geomagnetic storm of level G2 (moderate)

                May 20, 2017 — geomagnetic storm of level G2 (moderate)

                May 21, 2017 — geomagnetic storm of level G1 (minor)


                May 22, 2017 — geomagnetic disturbances

              Cope with magnetic storms 

   Magnetic  Storms at the Moment. What are magnetic storms?   

Magnetic storms are quick and strong change in the magnetic field of the Earth which appears in the period of high solar activity. Similar changes don’t happen without results for the inhabitants of the planet: during magnetic storms the functions of cordial and digestive systems are in disorder, reactions of the central nervous system become slower, working capacity reduces. During magnetic storms the condition of people with ischemic disease of the heart becomes worse 50-55 % more often than in the rest of days. 25-27 % of fits of angina happen at the end of these days. During unfavorable days some people with more sensitive organism can feel disturbance and sadness, mental tension, high irritation and insomnia. In this period many children become aggressive or too touchy, slow with school responsibilities and are absent-minded during the lessons. But we must notice that only 10-15 % of people in the whole world are really sensitive to magnetic storms. The biggest diversions in the physiological condition usually come 24-28 hours after the magnetic storm.

How do we live during the days with magnetic storms?

It is recommended to take an aspirin tablet before magnetic storm. It rarefies the blood and makes strong pain easier. Those who react to high solar activity with irritation and headache ( more of them are women) are advised to take light natural sedative medicines like valerian. People suffered from arrhythmia, ischemic disease of the heart as well as those who had a heart attack or an insult must be very careful and keep doctors’ recommendations during magnetic storms. Most people think that it is better to stay home during usual and magnetic storms. But it is not truth. It is no difference if you are in bed or sit on the bench for your organism. And fresh air was always for preference: a person breathes easier and the risk of constriction is less. If you have chronic diseases, pay attention in what days you feel worse: in the end, during or after magnetic storms. It is good to reduce caloricity of food with 1/3, not more than 2000 calories daily and carbohydrates and fats must be limited as well. The protective forces of organism must be additionally stimulated by light steel: cold baths, contrasting shower, visiting mineral baths or sauna.


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