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Honey is very rich in different useful things natural product. It is suitable not only for keeping the dietetic course but for everyday usage as well-together with tea or as a substitute of the chocolate dessert.

Always, when you have a chance, replace the usage of white sugar by honey.


 In the ancient times people revealed its useful properties in all problems of the human organism-wounds, poisoning, different diseases. Nowadays it is known that this natural product has a great help in the battle with kilograms.

It contains sugar and minerals, vitamins and different nutritive substances too. Dissolved in warm (but not boiled) water, honey actively assists for taking down the fat in the body.

You can make the similar drink if you mix 1 tablespoon of honey with 250 ml. warm water. You can add some drops of squeezed lemon juice if you wish-it is also an active part for burning the fats.

If you don’t like lemon taste, then change it with cinnamon.

The drink must be taken for breakfast, before eating and after dinner before going to bed.

During the drinking of this drink nutrition must be reduced as a portion.

Decrease dishes in half and drink the honey infusion after meals every evening.

In any case don’t take fully the caloric foods out of your menu, which you have consumed before it, simply reduce the weight twice.

Honey works as a catalyst in the process of melting the fats and if you quickly stop eating, the diet will be not effective at all.

The cottage cheese is nutrative and is very useful in the modern dietetics. In combination with honey, the cottage cheese has a magic action for melting superfluous kilograms.


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