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How does Dr.Atkins diet look like?

The advantage of this diet consists of getting fed up feeling. Using this diet nobody feels hunger. It is comparatively easy to keep-not necessary to measure and weigh the products   which don’t contain carbohydrates (meat, vegetable oil, eggs etc.), but one has to be careful with the minimal amount of permitted carbohydrates.


The diet is very effective. Because of the strict limitation of carbohydrates (which leads to taking the liquid off the organism) and the amount of calories (which leads to burning fat) the decrease of the weight can be very quick. With reaching the ideal weight the process of slimming gradually delays.

The diet is not suitable for vegetarians and not an ideal decision for those who like fruits, vegetables and other products, contained carbohydrates, for lovers of sweet things and for people who don’t refuse a glass of wine or unlimited intake to healthy foods in its whole variety. It is painless for those who like meat.

The first stage of the diet goes on 14 days when you can eat everything from the list of permitted foods without limitation in quantities (meat, fish, chicken, eggs, nearly all sorts of cheese, butter, vegetable oil, mayonnaise, also small amounts of different salads and vegetables-to 20 g carbohydrates daily. The amount of carbohydrates may be increased to 40-60 g daily after 14 days. The diet made for maintaining of the achieved weight, allows limited amount of grains from time to time-little fruits, nuts and seeds. The menu contains about 1400-1500 calories daily. The average weight loss is about 3-6 kg (7-13 lb) for the first 14 days.

Permitted foods:

Meat-pork, veal, lamb, roasted or boiled; it is consumed warm without sauces and dressings.

Meat products-fillets, ham.

Chicken-boiled or baked, without adds and dressings.

Fish-boiled, baked, fried (without frying in egg), fish tins (in its own sauce or oil).

Salads-2 times a day salad from cabbage, leaf vegetables or cucumbers with a tiny amount of oil.

Cheese-all sorts -120g with the exception of white cheese.

Eggs-boiled, scrambled, poached.

Permitted drinks:

Coffee- all kinds, without sugar, milk and cream.

Tea-  black, green, herbal, without sugar.

Liquids--mineral water and soda, little lemon juice.

Forbidden foods:

Bread, pastry, spaghetti, macaroni, pies, sugar, honey, fruits-fresh and dried, nuts, ice-cream, candies, syrups, milk-fresh  and sour, potatoes, rice, beans, ketchup, sausages.

Forbidden drinks:

Soft drinks, fruit juice, millet-ale, beer, alcohol, wine.

Foods, which are pointed out as forbidden, must not be consumed at all. Even one chewing gum with sugar , one candy , a spoon of sugar or milk in coffee mean the diversion from the diet , because it destroys digestion and after that  a person needs 2 days to return the previous regime of functioning.

At the end of the diet you must take combined vitamins and minerals per week.

The model daily menu during the first stage:

Breakfast: ham, omelette , coffee or tea without sugar.

Lunch: salad from 1/2 avocado, 1 small tomato and chicken meat with olive oil.

Dinner: fish or shrimps with some amount of green or leaf salad (mayonnaise is allowed) or a steak, (fillets ,  not frying  in egg cutlet) with salad  from 6 rounds of cucumber and 1 small onion.





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