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vegetarian diet takes down 10kg per 2 weeks


The simplest definition of the vegetarianism Is the diet without meat, fish and poultry. However, the nutritive habits of vegetarians are quite broad-spectrum. On one hand there are lacto-ovo vegetarians who avoid animal meat but they eat eggs and dairy products. On the other hand there are vegans who avoid eating all vegetable products even honey. The raw-eaters are vegans who mainly eat raw fruits, vegetables, pottages, sprouts and kernels.


Vegetarianism and health

Most doctors and specialists in nutrition are unanimous that the diet with low content of fats and rich in fruits, vegetables and kernels can be useful for health. Besides, it is well-known that reduction or exclusion of red meat from the diet will reduce the risk of heart diseases.

The researches also show that the vegetable diet can improve health of people who suffer type 2 diabetes. One research shows that people suffered  diabetes who kept vegan diet with low content of fats need less medicines. They lost weight and their insulin sensibility increased. Their glycemic and lipid indexes were up too.


Vegetarianism reduces the risk of cancer?


Whether vegetarianism or veganism reduce the risk of cancer is not so clear. This is so because of variety of the vegetarian part of population However, the researches show that people who don’t eat meat the risk of cancer in prostatic gland and stomach is less.

Many researches connected with vegetarianism and cancer show that the diets rich in fibers, kartinoidi (they are in carrots, sweet potatoes and spinach), vitamins, minerals and isoflavones (they are in soya and pottages) surely help protection from  some diseases, including cancer. They are suitable for healthy way of life.

The British research carried out with 11000 people –vegetarians and people who eat healthy foods –concludes that everyday consumption of fruits is connected with 20 % and more reduction in mortality from heart diseases, cerebral diseases and cancer of stomach, lungs, pancreas, large intestine and rectum. The scientists, however, don’t specify the type of diet kept by the participants in the survey (if they consumed dairy products , fish, alcohol, for example).They also don’t check if there was a change in the diet for  17 years of researching.

The group of scientists who carried out 11- year research in Germany studied the link between vegetarian diet and cancer of the large intestine among 1900 vegetarians. The scientists noticed less mortality in cases of cancer of stomach, large intestine and even lungs in participants of the researches –especially those who are vegetarians at least 20 years.


Vegetarianism and nutrition


Vegetarian diet may be a healthy diet but vegetarians –especially vegans –must take enough vitamin B 12, calcium and iron.

The doctors warn that strict vegetarians (vegans) need more vitamin B 12. B 12 is in natural form only in animal products. The lack of vitamin B 12 may cause anemia and blindness. It may also cause muscle weakness, formication and loss of sensibility.

Calcium is one more nutritive substance which is missed in some vegetarian diets. Ovo-vegetarians who eat eggs but not dairy products must find out the foods which will compensate the lack of calcium in their diet. Leafy green vegetables are a good source of calcium.

Lacto-vegetarians (who don’t eat eggs) must increase taking vitamin B 12 and iron.

Vegan diet would absolutely lead to the risk of lack of vitamins B 12, B 2, calcium, iron and zinc. In order to stop the increasing  risk , vegans must include side-dishes with vitamin B 12 or enriched cereal snacks and veggie  burgers in their diet.


Is vegan diet safe during the pregnancy period?


These warnings are more important for pregnant women and breastfeeding women. It is established that the lack of vitamin B 12 makes slow neurological development of children   fed by mothers-vegetarians. The lack of vitamin D and calcium also can lead to bone demineralization of breastfeeding women.

The same must be watched in young children (under 5) fed with vegetarian and vegan meals-stopping of growth. This is because of the lack of vitamin B 12 which leads to anemia and rachitis. One well-planned diet , however, may meet nutritive needs.

The assimilated calcium is of great importance for vegans and ovo-vegetarians foe stopping to make bones weak which can challenge osteoporosis.


Key nutritive substances for vegetarians and vegans


Without a kind of practiced meat-free diet, vegetarians must try to get more proteins, iron, calcium, zinc and vitamin B 12. They also need riboflavin, linoleic acid and vitamin D.

These are some ways how vegetarians can include these nutritive substances in their diet:

Proteins: it is in soya  cheese tofu and tempeh, veggie burgers, leguminous foods, kernels and butters from kernels, eggs.

Iron: Eggs, enriched cereal snacks, dry plumps and apricots, kernels and leguminous cultures, pottages, whole grain bread and baked potatoes.

Calcium, which forms bones, is in cheese, yogurt and milk. Ovo-vegetarians and vegans must be got from soya products, pottages almonds, ground baked sesame–seed, orange juice, with calcium and dark leafy greens vegetables as those from cabbage family and Chinese cabbage.

Zinc, which makes strong the immune system is in soya in soy milk, vegetarian “meats” (soya substitutes), eggs, cheese and yogurt, enriched cereal snacks , kernels, bread, mushrooms and peas. The wheat fetus and pumpkin seeds contain much zinc too.

Vitamin B 12: Soy drinks, some cereal snacks and enriched vegetarian “meats” are good sources of vitamin B 12.

Riboflavin: Almonds, enriched cereal snacks, milk, yogurt, mushrooms and soya milk are foods rich in riboflavin.

Lenoleic acid (OMEGA-6): Cold-water fish like salmon and mackerel are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. For vegetarians who don’t eat fish good sources of omega-3 fatty acids are flax seeds, nuts, soya olio and colza oil. The side-dishes are useful as well.






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