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Many women began getting fatter from the starting of climacteric. It is so often met that it becomes normal. Menopause and climacteric are natural physiological processes but it doesn’t mean at all that getting weight is obligatory.

There are some rules which women mustn’t forget: needs from energy reduce with the age. That is why after 35  years old and especially after 45 the woman must be careful about her body and figure. Every third woman at coming of menopause increases her weight and suffers so-called metabolic syndrome.

During the menopause the variations in weight are too harmful when the woman loses weight or increases it. In case if she suffers hormonal problems hard, then quick losing weight over 2-3 lb. reflects badly on her self-confidence. Adaptive opportunities of the organism in that period reduce.

Metabolic syndrome is connected with a number of problems – disturbance of metabolism, partly of carbohydrate metabolism. After that the sensitivity to insulin can be disturbed and later on one can develop sugar diabetes.

The other problem is that additional kilograms are heaped near the waist and abdomen but hands, legs and hips are kept the same. The spare quantity of fatty tissues leads to rising of the level of cholesterol and development of atherosclerosis?  The blood pressure increases.

The reason of getting weight is clear-it is due to the taking more necessary calories for the organism during a long period of time.

One of frequent mistakes which women make are  not eating meals nearly the whole day and in the evening one feels terribly hungry, as a result much more foods than necessary  are eaten.


Some rules connected with nutrition must be kept all life. You mustn’t miss breakfast. You need to eat lunch and don’t eat more often than in two hours in small amounts. Sometimes the calories of consumed foods between meals are more than the energy of the last ones.  Sugar and paste products, kernels which are highly caloric are usually eaten. It is useful to eat fruit and dairy products between main courses.

The experiments on the body – losing weight for a short period of time with a drastic regime must be stopped. Except of returning of lost kilograms, the healthy state can be impaired in short-term and long-term periods.

In fact the woman’s organism is privileged – it is protected from the appearance of metabolic syndrome due to women hormones, estrogens. They influence positively for the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and help to control the weight. Estrogens regulate the work of vascular-cardio system, keep the elasticity of walls of blood vessels.


During the menopause the level of estrogens falls and this hormonal mechanism becomes weaker.

The metabolic syndrome during the menopause doesn’t appear at all women. In the “risky” group are those who had  made mistakes in nutrition. With the end  of menstruation the other hormonal changes in the hormonal status can possibly come. But it is impossible to say that absolutely healthy woman who had no problems with her weight won’t become fatter.

There is a method not to get the metabolic syndrome. If the organism is “out of norm”, then you must help it to be adapted to the low separation of estrogens from the organism. In order to assure gradual lowering of the level of women’s hormones the taking of tablets contained estrogens will be useful, which will neutralize the loss of hormones. These tablets de facto contain a few estrogens, less than the woman’s organism separates during a generative period. That’s why the doze of estrogens is not fixed and can be increased or reduced depending on the replied reaction of the concrete woman.

In this period it is necessary to visit the gynecologist-endocrinologist regularly, who will watch your blood pressure, the level of cholesterol and blood sugar.

The treatment of metabolic syndrome demands complex decision, the taking only estrogens won’t help. It demands the correction of some habits.

For women in the menopause is made a special regime of nutrition.

Foods with a high content of cholesterol, which must be consumed limitedly:

Yokes, cream, cheese, giblets, pork, caviar, sausages, ice-cream, paste and confectionery products.

Foods with medial content of cholesterol:

Mutton, veal, chicken without skin, shrimps and crayfish.

Foods with low content of cholesterol:

Vegetables, fruits, serials, macaroni, wholewheat bread, vegetable oil, fish.

The Diet in Menopause

The period of menopause gives a chance for women to heap enough kilograms which are later difficult to lose.

Here we offer you a diet which can easily regulate your weight if you are passing the menopause.


Breakfast:-3-5 lb.

Type-low calories

Duration-3 days

Repeatability-once a month

Predominate foods-vegetables, spaghetti


Each woman passed the period of menopause knows how it is difficult and how often the spare kilograms are heaped. That’s why if you expect or you are in such a period of your life it is good to try this diet at least once a month. Except being slender you will keep your appearance in a good form. Herbal teas, fresh juices, vegetable juices and much water are obligatory.

The first day

Breakfast: 170 gr. orange juice, 1 hard-boiled egg.

Lunch: Salad from vegetables by your choice with addition of 60 gr. cut boiled turkey and low-fatted grated cheese.

Dinner: 115 gr. of spaghetti with boiled shrimps and low calories savoury, one apple.

The second day

Breakfast: oat flakes with milk.

Lunch: fruit salad with ½ teaspoon of low-fatted cottage cheese.

Dinner: 115 gr. spaghetti with cut boiled chicken and lean sauce, 1 pear.

The third day

Breakfast: 1 toast with white cheese or cheese.

Lunch: 115 gr. green salad with boiled chicken and lemon juice.

Dinner: 170 gr. lasagna with low-fatted cheese, a big salad with vegetables by your choice poured with lemon juice and a little olive oil, a peach or an orange.




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