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Effect- 6, 6 lb.

Type-without carbohydrates

Duration-2 days

Repeatability: twice a month

Predominant food-yogurt, vegetable juice



The diet with liquid food is very easy for carrying out and it is tasty. Do it if you expect the important evening and you want to look fresher and with a flat abdomen or if you feel loaded up after the holiday overeating and want to lose 2-3 quickly-loaded kilograms from overdoing. You can repeat it twice a month, it is suitable to do it during the weekends in order to load physically and have time for preparing the menu.

During the rest of the days of the month keep general rules for healthy nutrition.


The first day

Breakfast: one cup of tea, 150-200 gr. yogurt

10 o’clock: one glass of tomato juice.

Lunch: egg cocktail from a fresh yolk, 1 teaspoon of honey, ½ teaspoon of lemon juice and some grapefruit or orange juice.

4 p.m.: Drink from 125 ml. of milk and 1teaspoon of Nescafe, brown sugar.

Dinner: 150-200 ml. vegetable juice (carrots, celery, cabbage, tomatoes).

Before going to bed: 125 ml. of milk.

The second day

Breakfast: 1 cup of tea from blackberry leaves, 1 glass of milk, mixed with 150 gr. of fresh fruit.

10 o’clock: 1 cup of tea.

Lunch: Cocktail from three middle big apples (cut), 50 gr. of banana and one tablespoon of yogurt.

4 p.m. : 125  gr.  of cherry juice.

Dinner: Cocktail from juice of 1 fresh cucumber, juice from 4 carrots and one small head of celery.