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This diet is suitable as stressed   before the start of a certain nutritive regime for longer period. The diet lasts  5 days  and then you can lose about 4-6 lb.

During the first day you consume milk-fresh and sour, not necessary it to be low-fatted.

During the second day you eat potatoes, better boiled but they may be cooked in the oven, fried potatoes are not recommended.


During the third day cheese and yellow cheese are advised.

During the forth day you can eat chicken meat in any form.

During the fifth day one drink only water and tea but without sugar.


During the whole diet it is good:

-to drink 1, 5-2 liters of water daily.

-to eat more meals for lunch than for dinner.

-to combine sports with motion.


The amounts of allowed food for a given period of time are not limited ( but, anyway, you yourself have to know the measure). Coffee is allowed during the whole cycle of the diet but without any sugar


The diet can be prolonged when the five days are repeated to the desirable result but you must not often use it because as any diet the lightning diet leads to the exhaustion of the organism.

This is one more diet if you decided to weight loss:

The quick diet

The duration: 2-3 days.

The result : lost 6-10 lb.

Application of the diet:

In the morning: one soft-boiled egg.

In three hours: about 150 gr. of low-fatted cottage cheese with tea.

In three hours:  150 gr. of cottage cheese  and some tea.

After that, to the next morning –only mineral water.

Avoid salt and sugar in a whole.

The lightning diet can be repeated   in three or four weeks because it is very difficult for the organism.

Apply this diet only after the consultation with your physician!

If you don’t like  the above two diets, try this one:

You can lose to 10 lb. in some days. This is 3-day diet which can serve you in extreme situations when it is necessary to be pushed into your last-year jeans.

In fact, 3-day diet has many variants and each of them is applied how and when it is comfortable for somebody. The classic variant, however, ordains to eat in such a way to have between 800 and 1000 calories per day.

The traditional breakfast consists of coffee sugar free, half of grapefruit and a toast with very little butter.

For lunch you can cook a toast with tinned tuna or some other fish (it’s better grilled than fried), and for dessert-again coffee sugar free which accelerates the mastering of meals.

Dinner contains 80 gr. of roasted or boiled meat (not sausages), green salad, an apple and as a reward a glass of ice-cream.

In order to keep the achieved   kilograms and not to return melted 10 lb. , it is good not to return to the previous way of nutrition but limit some food such as sweets, bread or fried meals, chips and other playthings which have hidden calories.




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