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 3d diet plan


The nutritive regime 3 D consists of three stages. Only 800 calories are taken a day at the first stage. This first stage demands the huge dose of self-discipline, because 800 calories is nothing at all.

At the second phase 1200 calories are already taken, and at the third one –all 1600.

The third phase must become the constant daily menu, if you want to keep newly-got slender and healthy figure and for the future.


The regime 3D has its golden rules. Here they are:

The first rule: proteins, proteins, proteins! Mainly in fish, not from meat! As I said before, lenthen chicken chests without skin are allowed but all other meats are forbidden. However,  every thing which comes from the sea is allowed. Remember: from the sea, not from the river!

The second rule: At least two liters of water must be drunk! It’s better to drink usual tap water. You may boil herbal teas too.

The third rule: Never use the lift! Climb the stairs bravely, but don’t go in for any other sport. Your body suffers quite big privation and loading as well.

The fourth rule: It concerns shopping. You may use deeply frozen foods. However, it would be better to use fresh foods. All other forms of preserving must be diligently avoided.

Eat in the right time! Never miss a meal whatever happens. Karl Lagerfeld had his breakfast at 8 o’clock, his lunch at 1 o’clock and his dinner at 8 o’clock p.m.

The prospects for success are more than good. As a rule a person loses 4, 4 lb. a week. It is absolutely real to lose 11-13 lb. a month.

This kind of nutrition gives wonderful “side effects”-the level of the harmful cholesterol in blood sharply reduces and a person feels like a newborn. He can be calm-atherosclerosis and embolism hardly will visit him.

Here is a model daily menu:

Breakfast: One slice of granular bread, greased with tasty cottage cheese (with grated onion, black and white pepper, dietetic salt.) One apple (an orange or a grapefruit), coffee or tea, sweetened with an artificial sweetener, one glass of fatless kefir (fat-0, 1 %)


The intermediate breakfast: a vegetable or a fruit


Lunch: Grilled fish, cooked with natural spices as dill, garlic, parsley, lemon juice. A big salad, cooked only with lemon juice and dietetic salt.

The intermediate breakfast:  a vegetable or a fruit

Dinner: Fish fillet on steam with boiled potatoes. You may, imagine, drink a glass of red wine! It is not  so caloric as the white one, and it removes cholesterol, loaded in the organism.


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