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Migraine is disturbance in the regulation of the tension upon the walls of the  blood vessels in the head-inside the brain and outside the brain. The characteristic feature is a pulsing pain in the head, usually concentrated in one half of the head, as in the eventual next fit the pain can occur in another side too. In classic migraine the fit occurs  in the morning, after getting up. For most patients there are the different symptoms before the fit-zig-zag lines, blurred vision in the visual field and others. After these features, which are consequences of the narrowing of the blood vessels, the fit occurs that is provoked by the widening of the blood vessels. At the beginning of the fit the patient feels a pulsing pain, which can have different frequency. The pain in the head may be accompanied by the feeling of “dried up lips”, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea.  After the fit there are frequent signals for urinating.

The full rest can occur between the fits. There are 10-20 % migraine sufferers in the population, more than half of them  don’t consult the physician about their problems. The people of all age groups suffer this disease, 3 times more common in women than in men. During the pregnancy migraine fits (attacks) calm down but they occur again during the menstruation.

The reason, beginning and reaction of the organism are not enough studied, but it is supposed that the next six factors are taking part:

·         Food allergy;

·         hipoglikemiya (low blood sugar);

·         Stress;

·         Depression;

·         Heaping of water in the organism;

·         Hormonal changes in dependence of the gynecological condition;

In exceptional rare cases this condition can lead to death.


The treatment and recommendations at migraine


About 25 % of cases have a link with food allergy. Near 2000 years ago Hippocrates made a link between  milk and headache. From this time till nowadays many researches  were carried out  and except milk the food triggers are: beverages like cola drinks, chocolate, maze, pork, onion, garlic, wheat, citrus fruit, eggs, peas, mushrooms, black tea, coffee, beef, sugar, yeast, cheese, fried meals, seafood, grilled chicken, figs, smoked foods, cocoa ( and all the foods containing cocoa), bananas, hazelnuts. The patients are usually allergic to one food. It is necessary to find a reason, which provokes migraine attacks. It is better to avoid different groups from menu for several days and watch if the fit will occur in its kind.

The first steps in treatment:

*The full rest in the dark quiet room with ice on the head;

*Regular light gymnastics

*Hot bath of the legs help in order to take off the blood from widen blood vessels in the head and the pain will reduce;

*Regular day regime which helps to decrease stress which is the frequent reason for fits…


·         Smoking and staying in the smoky dwelling;

·         Caffeine, which is contained not only in the caffeine containing drinks, but also in many medicines;

·         Drinking alcohol because of its direct action on the blood vessels and because of its components and ingredients;

·         Overdone usage of salt, salty dishes, cheese, preserved foods, bacon. Salt helps in collecting water in the organism which is one of general reasons for migraine problems;

·         Exhibiting at direct sunny light;

·         Strong and drastic diets.

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