Pancreatitis diet

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Pancreatitis is a difficult disease which is badly treated. It is the inflammation of the pancreas when enzymes become active and destroy it.

The light forms of pancreatitis are difficult to diagnose and the hard ones are dangerous for patient’s life.

Due to many experts, pancreatitis is the illness of nowadays , of permanent stress in which we live in.

 Nutrition  at pancreatitis

If you have pancreatitis, you need a diet which spares your stomach as well as your other digestive organs.

It is important to know what type of pancreatitis you have because it will help to find the exact diet.

Having had an intense chronic pancreatitis, your food must consist of liquid, half liquid  and strained dishes. It has the high contents of proteins and little carbohydrates. The fats, purines, cholesterol, ethereal oils, rough cellulose.

It must be added with many vitamins.

The model menu at pancreatitis diet

Breakfast -a piece of boiled meat, oatmeal porridge, tea.

The second breakfast- the protein omelet, steam-cooked, infusion from hips.

Lunch - vegetable vegetarian soup, a steak ,  steam-cooked, boiled potatoes, compote from mashed dry fruits.

Afternoon breakfast - fatless cottage cheese ,  weak tea.

Dinner -a piece of boiled fish, carrot puree, tea.

Before going to bed - kefir.

If you  suffer  a chronic pancreatitis, avoid the next products from your diet:

. brown and fresh bread, cookies made with yeast, multiple dough

. soups cooked with strong meat, fish, vegetable and mushroom bullions

.  fatty meats, goose, duck, smoked sausages and products

.  preserved products, brains, liver, kidneys, all kinds of fatty fish, smoked and salty fish

.  caviar

.  fried or hard-boiled eggs

.  crumbly porridges-from semolina, maize, wheat

.  white cabbage, aubergines, turnip, radishes, garlic, spinach, dock, sweet peppers, mushrooms

.  raw unstrained fruits, berries, raspberries, blackberries

.  grapes, figs, dates

.  confectionery, chocolate, jams, all hot spices, tomato juice

.  coffee, cacao, cold and fizzy drinks,  grapes juice

What must you eat having had a chronic pancreatitis?

Consume wheat bread ( lightly dried or taken from the previous day), strained vegetarian soups, veal, beef and rabbit meat (boiled or steam-cooked).

You may eat boiled lean fish, milk (if you endure it), proteins omelettes, boiled or baked and then strained vegetables, not sour fruits, strained raw or baked apples.

Drink weak tea with lemon, sweetened a little. The infusion from hips is recommended.

From fats-butter (not more than 30 gr. daily) and refined vegetable oils (10-15 ml.)


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