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This diet is used when you are absolutely healthy because you stress your organism. It is good that there are varieties of three-day diet which are not too extreme and impossible for realization. Choose the variant which is suitable for you. The problem is not whether you lose kilograms but how exactly you will keep them. Because after such extreme weight- loss, the organism will want make up. Extremely, not because you’ll take down many  kilograms , expect your weight will reduce with maximum 9-11 pounds but because it is for a short time.

 Alternate    hungry days with such of easier meals. Thus, you will lose your weight and manage to keep your weight for a long time. The secret of three-day diet is in a small amount of calories which are taken during these three days. For each of them calories in your menu must not exceed 900. Emphasize more on liquids as water and yoghurt .Especially water must be twice more than normal. But, of course, you mustn’t make yourself drink till you are ready to burst. If you feel hunger, drink some water between meals. You may vary different kinds of  tea, avoid green tea or warm water with a slice of lemon and honey.

You must stop consumption of coffee, sugar, salt, alcohol, fizzy during three-day diet. The foods which you eat must be consumed raw or healthy cooked with the least amount of spices and side-dishes.

The model menu is made in a way to be various, with minimum calories and maximum usefulness. In these three days your body may rest from harmful foods and relieve. The foods from the model menu may be divided in 5 meals, if possible, but don’t make portions bigger.

The model menu:

The first day:

Breakfast: grapefruit juice or the whole fruit, a toast wit a tablespoon of peanut butter.

Lunch: 200 gr. tune fish with a toast and water, how much you wish.

Dinner: 200 gr. meat (by your wish), salad from beet or carrots, without spices or with little olive oil, 100 gr. of green beans, an apple.

The second day:

Breakfast: one hard-boiled egg, a toast, a banana, a cup of tea.

Lunch: 200 gr. of the cottage cheese with 5-6 middle-sized salty biscuits, water with lemon

Dinner: salad from cabbage or broccoli, with addition of carrots and turnip, 200 gr. of meat, 1 banana.

The third day:

Breakfast: an apple, salty biscuits-5 items, 100 gr. of cheese, tea

Lunch: 1 packet of yoghurt, 1 boiled egg, one toast

Dinner: 200 gr. of chicken meat or tune fish, boiled beet or carrots + cauliflower, 1 bowl of melon.

After finishing the diet eat more moderate and emphasize again on fruits and vegetables, you may allow some meat in the evening. Don’t overeat at all! If you feel fatigue, dizziness, heartbeating or other problems in three-day time, consult the physician and stop the diet.




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