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Effect -7kg

Type-low calories

Duration-7 days

Repeatability-2 times yearly

Predominant food- vegetables, rice, meat



The diet is applied for 7 days and isn’t recommended to repeat before the period of 6 months. Each day begins with two glasses of mineral water or warm boiled water. Except pointed amounts of water between meals which are only three per day, you may drink mineral water without limitation. The diet helps not only to lose weight but it makes your skin better. If you suffer diabetics or high pressure, you mustn’t keep this diet.


Breakfast: 150 gr. cabbage without salt, with 1 teaspoon of olive oil, a glass of mineral water.

Lunch: 4 tablespoons boiled rice without salt, 150 gr. of grated carrots with olive oil, a glass of mineral water.

Dinner: 150 gr. of boiled fish, a small loaf of bread, some leaves of lettuce, juice.


Breakfast: 150 gr. of grated carrots with vegetable oil, a toast, a glass of mineral water.

Lunch: 200 gr. of salad with fresh vegetables (cabbage, carrots, celery, green salad), little bread, a glass of apple juice.

Dinner: 100 gr. of boiled rice, 4 leaves of lettuce torn well, ½ grapefruit, a glass of mineral water.


Breakfast: 200 gr. of salad from fresh apples, pears, oranges and bananas, a glass of juice.

Lunch: 250 gr. of stewed asparagus, 150 gr. of cabbage salad with lemon juice, a glass of mineral water.

Dinner: 250 gr. of stewed mushrooms, a boiled potato, a glass of mineral water.


Breakfast: A glass of apple juice and a toast.

Lunch: 300 gr. of boiled rice and asparagus with basil, a slice of bread, an apple, , a glass of mineral water.

Dinner: 2 boiled potatoes, 200 gr. of boiled fish, little bread, juice.


Breakfast: A small portion of boiled rice without salt, a glass of mineral water.

Lunch: 200 gr. of salad from cabbage, a slice of bread.

Dinner: 200 gr. of salad from cabbage, carrots and lettuce with vegetable oil, 3 tablespoons of boiled rice, a glass of mineral water.


Breakfast: A small portion of boiled rice without salt, a glass of apple juice.

Lunch: 200 gr. of boiled sea fish, 150 gr. of salad from apples, kiwi, and oranges, a glass of water.

Dinner: 100 gr. of boiled or roast meat, a slice of bread, 4 leaves of lettuce with lemon juice, an orange.


Breakfast: 250 gr. of fruit salad from apples, plums and apricots, a glass of water.

Lunch: 250 gr. of rice with vegetables, a glass of mineral water.

Dinner: 150 gr. of boiled sea fish, 200 gr. of salad from cabbage and seaweed and 1 tablespoon of boiled rice.




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Moon Diet

The moon diet is a diet for you if you have to lose many kilograms

Effect  -20kg /44 lb/.

Type-lasting low calories

Duration-3 days

Repeatability-one month

Predominant food-fruit


Moon diet is a diet for lasting losing weight which promises for those who keep it to lose 5-7 lb. and all of it –for one day and with every month keeping it in a year about 65 lb. As it is clear from the name, the effect of the diet is explained with the influence of phases of moon, but actually this is one liquid diet.

The diet begins to be kept at penetration in certain phases of moon and you must not take solid food for the next 24 hours. But one can drink so much water as one wants, fruit and vegetable juices (without sugar and sugar sweeteners.)

People noticed one more  regularity long ago. During the full moon people get stout, at the new moon lose weight. When the moon is rising , the organism assimilates food quickly, trying to store supplies. And the opposite-when the moon finishes, it loses much energy.

Having known it, your digestion can be easily planned. At the finishing moon the organism burns calories quicker so it is the moment to have  diets for relieving and you can starve with fruit for 2 days. During this period it is necessary to direct your appetite and kilograms will be reduced with less effort.

The best time to do exercises for slimming is when the moon is rising At that time the organism assimilates nutrient side-dishes and vitamins better and gets bigger the capacity of muscles in a quick way (the last is not valid for women.) Don’t overload and give the rest to your organism.

At finishing of moon the maximum sports results are achieved, strength, flexibility and tenacity are growing.

At the new moon the cycle begins again. Then it is better to eat mainly fruit and vegetables. And if you haven’t found forces so far, the moment is suitable to stop smoking cigarettes. At the full moon –weigh your body and see the results.

Remember that during the diet you must drink much water, the mineral water is better! Drink tea as well, without milk and sugar, reduce drinking coffee to 1 cup per day, and best of all-don’t drink any coffee at all.


The full moon


The moon influences on rising and ebbing tides, development of plants, multiplication of animals and it has a great effect on emotional and physical condition of the human organism. It influences on the growth of hair and nails and the month cycle of women.

In this way it is not strange that at full moon more of us feel different. Some people are too active at full moon, the others have depression or suffer vigilance, some people are full of ideas and creative thoughts.

According to the last researches moon diet is very effective and is easily kept and balanced when the regime of nutrition is kept due to the phases of moon.

The regimes of nutrition are strictly individual and they are different foe each new year –moon diet at full moon and new moon, 24-hour diet or three-day diet. You will have to watch the moon calendar.


The principles of moon diet

During the days of full and new moon the air pressure and the motion of water change. The full moon is a period of ebbing tide when the water condenses, though at new moon is quite the opposite-the water widens and challenges the rising tide.

As the result of these external processes, metabolism in bodies changes too.  Due to these circumstances you can use the diet periodically which will improve the movement of water in your organism, cleanse your body and make quicker the separation of fats and toxins.

The full moon diet is based on using more liquids.

The new moon diet cleanses the organism from toxins and stimulates processes of decomposition of fats stored in cells.

Lunar calendar 2015 with the exact dates and times of the moon phases in 2015 year. The moon calendar dates and times are in UTC.


Lunar calendar 2015 with the exact dates and times of the moon phases in 2015 year. The moon calendar dates and times are in UTC.

New MoonFirst QuarterFull MoonLast Quarter
    5 January 2015
13 January 2015
20 January 2015
27 January 2015
3 February 2015
12 February 2015
18 February 2015
25 February 2015
5 March 2015
13 March 2015
20 March 2015
27 March 2015
4 April 2015
12 April 2015
18 April 2015
25 April 2015
4 May 2015
11 May 2015
18 May 2015
25 May 2015
2 June 2015
9 June 2015
16 June 2015
24 June 2015
2 July 2015
8 July 2015
16 July 2015
24 July 2015
31 July 2015
7 August 2015
14 August 2015
22 August 2015
29 August 2015
5 September 2015
13 September 2015
21 September 2015
28 September 2015
4 October 2015
13 October 2015
20 October 2015
27 October 2015
3 November 2015
11 November 2015
19 November 2015
25 November 2015
3 December 2015
11 December 2015
18 December 2015
25 December 2015


HOW TO LOSE 25KG (55lb.) FAST?

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How to lose weight 25kg fast

How to drop off 55 lb. quickly?

The number of meals-6 meals

The time of nutrition -8-10-12 a.m. 2-4-6 p. m.


First of all the diet is used 7 days. After these 7 days of the diet the week when you eat in a usual way follows but with the limitation of sweet, fatty, spice and farina food –during this week the achieved kilograms are consolidated. It is possible you’ll add 1-2,5kg. to your body weight but it’s not dangerous because in seven days the diet will be  repeated. One week of the diet is alternated   with one week of normal nutrition until you’ll reach the desired weight.

The first day-400 gr. of baked potatoes without salt and 500 gr. of yogurt 1% (it’s per day);

The second day-400 gr. of low-fatted cottage cheese and 500 gr. of yogurt 1% ;

The third day-400 gr. of fruit (all except bananas and grapes) and 500 gr. of yogurt 1%;

The fourth day-400 gr. of chicken chest, boiled without salt and 500 gr. of yogurt 1 %;

The fifth day- 400 gr. of fruit and 500 gr. of yogurt 1 %;

The sixth day-1, 5 liter of mineral, not fizzy water (for the whole day);

The seventh day-400 gr. of fruit and 500 gr. of yogurt 1 %;

The food can’t be changed at any means!


The results are phenomenal, the loss of weight: during the first week you can lose 11 lb., during the second one-7-9 lb. You can lose about 52 lb. for two months.





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The diet “5 tablespoons” is a balanced system of nutrition. This method for losing weight acts due to the reduction of the amount of food, consumed for one take. The diet helps for effective loss of kilograms and the weight is kept for a long time, because the stomach flexes.

Exactly 5 tablespoons must be the food which leads to the spare kilograms. The amount (quantity) is defined by the European Federation of Associations of Dieticians at XIII international Congress of Dieticians and now it is among the most popular and ithasproved its effective regime.

The researches show that this is the most sensible way for losing weight when not the kind of consumed food is limited but  its amount eaten for one nutrition.

The statistics show that 90% of people suffering obesity have a stomach which is equal to cattle’s by capacity. This pathology is challenged by stretched muscle walls of the stomach which in a healthy condition wouldn’t be more than a human fist. In the connection with physiology the ideal size of the portion is fixed. Thus, the reduction of the fatty tissue is stimulated. 5 tablespoons are enough to sate hunger and give the organism necessary energy. Getting not more than 5 tablespoons of food (or 150 grams) for one take, the stomach begins gradually shrinking.

Any process for losing weight is useless if during the diet, which you keep, the stomach keeps the same capacity that it was when your weight was 20 kilograms more, for example. The organism is made so that you can’t take only carbohydrates or proteins , that is why finishing this or that diet you will be back to your old regime of nutrition  and your favorite products , and in the course of time to your previous weight as well. You can’t eat tasteless dishes all your life which your serial dietary regime contains.

As each method for losing weight which offers correct and mainly long-time loss of weight , the diet “5 tablespoons” changes the physiology of digestion, that leads to the reduction of the capacity of stomach. That’s why it doesn’t depend how many kilograms you lost using this method-5, 10 or 20, you will keep your new weight.


The keeping of the diet is very easy. The system of nutrition is built by easy way but the amount you take for one take mustn’t be more than 5 tablespoons (or 150-200grams).You may eat a piece of cake or a steak , some yoghurt or buckwheat porridge with butter. It is good to limit taking of sweet and paste food.

The number of meals - unlimited.

The capacity of the single portion -5 tablespoons or 150-200 grams of food.

The interval between separate meals-minimum 3 hours.

The allowed drinks are without sugar (tea, coffee, juices, mineral water)-unlimited amounts. The take of fructose is allowed-one teaspoon for one glass of liquid ( 250 ml.)

You can lose 25-45 lb. with this diet. You may use it unlimited time.





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How will we lose weight using the healthy plan for slimming?



Effect -7-9 lb.


Duration-4 days

Repeatability-4 times per year

Predominant food-fruit, vegetables, milk



This diet is for people who can starve and are ready quickly to lose 9 kg.  but after that they will keep their new weight. Despite of ideal results, the nutritive regime is not suitable for people with healthy problems or for those who will go on eating lavishly. If you want to keep the achieved result, it is good to go on the diet for lasting losing weight.


The first day (100 calories)

It is fully connected with tea and mineral water.

Breakfast: a big cup of tea (herbal or fruit) with 2 tablespoons of honey.

Unlimited amount of tea and mineral water are taken to the lunch.

Lunch: 2 big cups of green tea with one tablespoon of honey.

Dinner: 1 big cup of tea from hops, valerian or hip with 1 tablespoon of honey.


The second day (800 calories)

It is the day when only rice is eaten. 1 teaspoon (125 gr.) brown rice is boiled in 2 glasses of water without salt. It is divided into 3 parts.

At least 2 liters of water are drunk.

Breakfast: 75 gr. low-fat yogurt in which ½ of apple is grated.1/3 from cooked rice is added to the mixture.

The second breakfast: 1 toast from brown bread.

Lunch: Some salad from 100 gr. of cucumber with lemon juice and a little olive oil, 1/3 of cooked rice and 30 gr.of ham.

Afternoon breakfast: 1 toast from brown bread.

Dinner: An  omelette from 1 egg, the rest of rice and spices but without any salt.


The third day (850 calories)

Only melon must be eaten. Anyway, if it is winter or you don’t like this fruit, it must be changed by apples or citrus. Much mineral water is drunk.

Breakfast: 1 cup of coffee or tea, 1 toast of brown bread spread with margarine, 50 gr. of cheese, 1 slice of melon.

The second breakfast: two slices of melon.

Lunch: 70 gr. of ham or pork fillet, 50 gr. of cucumber with lemon juice, 2 slices of melon.

Afternoon breakfast: 2 big slices of melon.

Dinner: Salad from 2 tomatoes with a little of olive oil (without salt!), 70 gr. of cheese, 1 slice of melon.


The fourth day (850 calories)


The yogurt is a priority during this day side by side with 2-3 liters of mineral water and tea.

Breakfast: 1 finely cut banana is put in a cup of yogurt, plus 1 tablespoon of beer yeast (it can be replaced by 2-3 tablets).

The second breakfast: 250 ml. of buttermilk (1/3 milk+water).

Lunch: 2 toasts of brown bread and 2 tomatoes, 2 teaspoons of yogurt stirred as buttermilk with herbal tea. If you don’t like the taste, it can be changed as following: 1 cup of yogurt, 1 cup of herbal tea.

Afternoon breakfast: 200 gr. of yogurt.


Dinner: Salad from 150 gr. of peppers and 200 gr. of cucumbers; 100 gr. of grilled pork fillet, 200 gr. of yogurt.




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