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Who are rather prone to panic attack?

A survey reveals that post-menopausal women are rather prone to panic attacks.

It’s already known that women are more likely to suffer from panic attacks and panic disorder than men are. Panic involves a feeling of sudden fear, anxiety or discomfort and it can have a very negative impact on quality of life.
What showing the research about panic disorder and menopause?
Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital surveyed a group of 3,369 women aged 50 to 79 years old as part of the ongoing Women’s Health Initiative. They learned that 17.9 per cent suffered from either full-blown or limited panic attacks. Those with chronic illnesses such as migraine, emphysema and heart disease were more likely to have panic attacks, as were those who had recently experienced stress in their lives.
Is there a link between hormone replacement therapy and menopause?
However, there was no link between panic attacks and use of hormone replacement therapy. Panic attacks and panic disorder are a previously unrecognized problem among post-menopausal women. Perhaps this study will help those who experience the unpleasant symptoms of panic get the care and support they need.




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