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What does a magnetic storm look like?

During a magnetic storm every second the sun radiates huge amounts of solar energy in the form of protons, electrons, plasma and high radiation in the environment. Such sunny whirlwinds have a mighty power and sometimes they can influence on the earth. Besides, the magnetic field of our planet protects us.

But some eruptions are so strong and dangerous for the earth that under their influence the certain area of the magnetic field of our planet is deformed. Just then the magnetic storms are happened.

The magnetic storms in action

Not all the inhabitants of the earth are equally sensitive to these manifestations of the sun. In fact, the highest risk has those who suffer certain illnesses of cardio-vascular and nervous systems. During the magnetic storms the human blood begins to condense which leads to the problems in the blood circulation and the nervous system.

There is no sense to expect the magnetic storms but there are the places where those phenomena happen with a bigger power.

The mightiest influence of the magnetic storms occurs in the next cases:

1.      At the height from 9 to 11 kilometers in the plane. It is known that the planes test the magnetic storms stronger. As practice shows in the days of formation of solar eruptions the air accidents happen more often.

2.      Two answers for the questions.

3.      What the magnetic storm is and how it influences on our health are well-known to the inhabitants of the North. Norwegians, Swedes, Finns and people who live in Siktivkar, Archangelsk, Murmansk, Petrozavodsk and other cities, situated eastwards from 60 parallel, suffer the magnetic storms more than the inhabitants of the middle zone of Russian Federation, for example.

4.      It is proved that people in the underground feel the magnetic storms the worst. The processes, which happen in the underground trains as formation of low-frequency magnetic fields in the link with the influence of magnetic storms, have a very negative effect on the human body. That’s why the workers in the underground often have the pain in their hearts and heart attacks occur. 

How can we reduce the effect of magnetic storms on our health?

-Stop consumption of alcohol;

-Avoid physical fatigue;

-Magnetic storms increase the level of cholesterol in blood, so in these unpleasant days one can’t eat much nutritious dishes and desserts and it’s better to eat oat porridge, fresh vegetables, fruit, boiled fish and brown bread.

-Those who have a predisposition to the cardio-vascular diseases must keep their usual medicines at hand;

-It is useful to put the compresses from eucalyptus in order to reduce the influence of magnetic storms;

-One must not get up from one’s bed quickly. This recommendation is especially important for those who take medicines for low blood pressure. The quick getting up from the bed can lead to the sudden loss of consciousness or strong dizziness.

Using these simple advice you can reduce the influence of magnetic storms on your health.



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