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What does influence on the organism during the magnetic storm?

During the magnetic storms, our organism is weighed up with a high content of radon in the air. Radon is a radioactive chemical element which at higher level causes indisposition, even diseases. Its concentration in the air is higher one-two days after solar eruption, that’s why then the indisposition occurs.


  *Magnetic storms influence on healthy condition and tone of many people.

  *Young and those who go in for sports are weakly sensitive for magnetic disturbance.

  *Those people  who have cardio-vascular problems are concerned more often by magnetic storms.

  They weigh negatively with digestive and nervous systems.

  *In the time of these periods one can feel anxiety, sadness, vigilance, irritation, headache,        

  low concentration, fatigue etc.

We can help ourselves during the magnetic storms avoiding usage of food with animal fats and emphasizing on fresh fruit and vegetables.

What happens during the magnetic storm?

As a whole, eruptions of the stars are connected with a line of force on the magnetic field passed through zones of so-called spots where the magnetic field has the bigger activity and it creates a chance of hastening and throwing a great number of charged particles up in the space. It is considered that during eruptions the mechanism of so-called reconnection of magnetic lines of force is important when lines passing through the interior of one of the spots recombine with the lines of the neighboring spot which  has an opposite polarization.  


From time to time one can observe much mightier eruptions on different stars. Till recently these observations were fragmentary –they were caught up only by X-ray satellites and telescopes, working in the visible range. Nowadays mankind has got a space telescope “Kepler” which has measured changes of brightness of a great deal of stars non-stop, in the connection with searching of out of solar planet systems. Lots of facts are collected which above all allow to find out more about eruptions of other stars.

How do people react during the magnetic storm?

People react in a different way during magnetic storms. People who have a chronic headache, migraine, high blood pressure, heart diseases and others are particularly sensitive to magnetic storms. It is advised to avoid physical activities in the days of magnetic storms. It is possible the magnetic storms can increase blood pressure or cause tachycardia. Of course, it is too individual for each person.


How can we relieve our condition during magnetic storms?

In order to relieve the common condition, eliminate fat food from your nutrition and also reduce smoking and drinking alcohol.

The most important thing in the time of mighty geomagnetic activity is : people must not be in stress situations, they must not solve important life problems, they must not be a n object of quarrels and conflict situations because thus  they additionally load and threaten  their organism.  


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